Facebook is Awesome. You Should See My Spoons.

23 08 2011

I’m not trying to peer pressure anyone into joining Facebook or anything. Not even under an assumed name just like in my dream that was totally psychic* that one time. But these were so awesome I wanted to save them forever and ever in my pensieve (which is, you know, this blog). I’ve done my best to make things anonymousish by color coding and using internet names and/or first names only instead of social security numbers, but if anyone here is uncomfortable with this, I’ll totally remove it, or re-edit the images to be more private. I’ll make you Kermit T. Frog (just like I made Jen Following T. Road) if you want. Well, not just if you WANT cause I’m busy and really should not have wasted time by doing this tonight, but I will totally make you Kermie if you need privacy.

Basically, Facebook is an awesome place where you can get great advice. And also discuss whether “Cavernous Vajayjay” makes a better name for a band or a soccer team.

*About what I’ve now forgotten. See what happens when I don’t blog properly?

you should see my spoons

cavernous vajayjays