And then we went camping.

20 08 2011

I love camping. LOVE. Even when Mother Nature’s all scary n shit. So to say I was dreading this trip is indication of just how shitty life is right now. I had multiple panic attacks and finally a breakdown on the morning of the trip so, as leader of the Camp Fire Club we were camping with, I didn’t make most of my promises to the group happen, but my friends forgave me. Thank god I have such wonderful friends. Anyway, we showed up. And, while it took me a long while to finally feel the effects of Mother Nature on my psyche, by the time we had to leave in the morning, I was sad to say goodbye.

tent under the manzanitas ♥

We hiked down to the river, roasted hot dogs, had s’mores, saw one shooting star (the fullish moon was bright enough that we weren’t able to see more than that, although it was the peak night of the Perseid meteor shower), listened to owls all night long, had bacon and coffee for breakfast and one last trip to the river before we left. And while I’m not planning to go camping again this summer, I can’t wait until I can go next year.

top o' the falls

my feet


Happy Thing: S'Mores by the Light of a Lantern

sleepy morning in the tent

still sleepy

bacon for breakfast