And Then Bethany Was Here

16 08 2011

This entry starring Bethany, Sonja, Katie, Summer, Madge, and Jen.  Oh and me.

This entry has been waiting for me to post it since before I even wrote it. I tried being all witty and funny with it, but I just can’t right now between the busy and the tired and the emo. Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures (taken by Bethany, Sonja and me) that relate somehow to the visit and I’ll ask YOU, my lovely readers, to make up a story based on the pictures. If I were a cool blogger I’d make this a contest and offer you a prize, but the only prize I can think of is the $5 coupon I got for for filling out a survey (which I assume I can forward on). That might be is totally really ghetto, but, hey, it cost me 10 minutes of my time. 10 whole minutes. So the commenter who makes me laugh hardest before I forget and then remember this contest and decide it’s over can totally win that if he/she wants.

Also? I hope this doesn’t break your dialup.

Katie and Summer


sonja blinding jen

as we are wont to do

downtown CV and a goofball

group shot at breakfast


disguised as a distinguished guest

from around the corner

summer on the stairs

doing the aloof ANTM thing

Sonja and Bonnie

Bonnie knitted A's orca

baby photobomb