And now time for a little Random Pantslessness!

11 08 2011

That last entry was a mite emo, no? To make up for it, I present to you your daily Random Pantslessness!

potty in the car
Every kid’s gotta have a picture like this.

pantsless in front of a house
And this even makes sense on a level that is my family because on every cross-country trip we stopped at every place my grandparents ever lived and took pictures of it. And who needs pants (or shirts) on a summer’s day in the Midwest? Not me, that’s who. Um. That’s who not? Oh never mind – moving on!

pantsless again
But this one? Is awesome. Because, as far as I can tell my family has no connection with this business sign (and please don’t correct me if I’m wrong, I like it best this way) so to pose pantsless on it is so very random and bizarre and hilarious that I’m thinking future-me went back in time and staged it just to make now-me laugh.

awkward family photos, here I come
This is not me, but it is another Bonnie. And there is no Pantslessness, but it’s pretty clear that this fits the theme. Merry Christmas: underpants!

this may be the best photo ever
As far as I can tell I’m probably wearing pants in this one, but I’m sharing it here because it just just as awesome as Random Pantslessness. It’s my new favorite photo and I want this blown up and put on display at my funeral, ok?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Random Pantslessness, but not too much because I pretty much used up my supply of Pantsless photos. Next time maybe I’ll share old birthday party photos with you. They are nearly as awesome as these have been.