Ten to Eleven

2 08 2011

And so, after clinging desperately to season 4, savoring every episode and digging deep into the Story and Stories within it, I’ve moved on to a new Doctor. As I got nearer to the end, I started thinking I would survive maybe after all. I dreamed about the new Doctor weeks ago, and started getting excited to meet him. There was even a brief moment where I thought I might go see Matt Smith and Karen Gillan record a podcast during Comic Con weekend (at first I worried about SPOILERS! but then Bethany was like, “Timey Wimey!” And I was all, “Wibbly Wobbly, I see what you did there!”) and I was super excited to go and try to sniff him (it was a request from a friend of mine – sniffing celebrities isn’t my usual hobby. Although. Maybe it should be?) but then tickets were sold out so we didn’t make it after all. What was I saying? I got all distracted by sniffing the Doctor and lost my place. Oh, right.

Ten.  And then he was gone. And it was epic and terrible and beautiful and his Story was finished perfectly. But he was still gone. And suddenly there’s this new kid there, spitting apples at children (in the most charming way, srsly) and I’m still recovering from it all.

That night I went to bed and had nightmares all night long about those two Doctors and also about my mom, because I’ve had an actual death this month, too. And I’m still not clear if it was innate wisdom or pure stupidity that caused me to traumatize myself with the death of the 10th Doctor while I’m in the middle of grieving. I cried a lot that night. Which is, of course, really important right now. And sometimes hard to find time for. The next day I still felt so surreal and strange and generally super fucked up, although, looking back I recognize that as exhaustion since I’d only slept maybe three hours the night before. And, as it turns out, sleep is quite important. Cause without it you go a little bit crazy. *ahem*

And so, despite a brief moment where I worried, it looks like I might survive even still. Fingers crossed. I’ve not formed a real, full opinion yet on the new Doctor or companion/s or the show itself. Every aspect of the show is new and that’s a lot of adjusting to do. But I’m committed to the Doctor as a character (cause I’ll follow anyone who drives a police box) so I love it all no matter what.

Except maybe the plasticky rainbow Daleks. They took all the steampunk out of them and that sort of renders them about 80% less awesome. *sad sigh* Please bring back the cool Daleks. Kthx.




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2 08 2011
Chris Radcliff

Yeah, it’s a shame about the new Daleks. That aside, I’m glad you made it to the Eleven era. Maybe you could even catch up entirely before they start 11.2.5 or whatever the new half-season-after-the-kinda-cliffhanger is called.

Also: Wilf. Is he not awesome? Nuff said.

2 08 2011

Well, if I told you how many hours of season five I’ve watched in the last four days, you wouldn’t doubt my ability to catch up. *cough* ALSO! Netflix is already sending me the first disc of season six and I’m holding on to that puppy until I’m ready for it. When does the new season begin exactly?

And of course Wilf is awesome. He’s related to Donna. ♥

2 08 2011
Chris Radcliff

New half-season begins at the end of August, so I’m sure you can do it. 🙂

2 08 2011


2 08 2011
bethany actually

That’s pretty much the reaction I had to Ten dying and Eleven being born. Um, except for I wasn’t grieving anyone in my real life at the time it happened. I wasn’t sure about the new Who for a half-season or so, and then I decided I liked it. I don’t love Amy, but you know, I’m not entirely sure we’re *supposed* to love the adult Amy at the start of the season. (The child Amy is adorable and heartbreaking.) Rory is annoying to me as he is written but I love the actor who plays him. River Song continues to be all kinds of awesome and is second only to Donna Noble as my favorite companion. And Matt Smith as Eleven continues to charm and quirk and dork his way ever deeper into my heart. (Yes, “quirk” and “dork” are totally verbs.)

I can’t wait to talk to you about this in person THIS WEEKEND. Yay!

3 08 2011

So far, anyway, I love the concept of Amy more than the execution. Like, on paper she’s awesome. But I’m not loving the actress I guess? Yet? But, yes, I LOVED the child. She was so full of awesome.

Oh and I was frankly disappointed as hell in the Angels this time around. They took what was not only a really elegant creature but also a really incredibly interesting story line (wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff is one of my favorite sci fi concepts) and made it cheap and boring. IMO. But I haven’t yet read the recap yet and sometimes he changes my mind about things.

And yes: IN PERSON! Wheee!

16 07 2012
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