Facebook is Awesome. You Should See My Spoons.

23 08 2011

I’m not trying to peer pressure anyone into joining Facebook or anything. Not even under an assumed name just like in my dream that was totally psychic* that one time. But these were so awesome I wanted to save them forever and ever in my pensieve (which is, you know, this blog). I’ve done my best to make things anonymousish by color coding and using internet names and/or first names only instead of social security numbers, but if anyone here is uncomfortable with this, I’ll totally remove it, or re-edit the images to be more private. I’ll make you Kermit T. Frog (just like I made Jen Following T. Road) if you want. Well, not just if you WANT cause I’m busy and really should not have wasted time by doing this tonight, but I will totally make you Kermie if you need privacy.

Basically, Facebook is an awesome place where you can get great advice. And also discuss whether “Cavernous Vajayjay” makes a better name for a band or a soccer team.

*About what I’ve now forgotten. See what happens when I don’t blog properly?

you should see my spoons

cavernous vajayjays



And then we went camping.

20 08 2011

I love camping. LOVE. Even when Mother Nature’s all scary n shit. So to say I was dreading this trip is indication of just how shitty life is right now. I had multiple panic attacks and finally a breakdown on the morning of the trip so, as leader of the Camp Fire Club we were camping with, I didn’t make most of my promises to the group happen, but my friends forgave me. Thank god I have such wonderful friends. Anyway, we showed up. And, while it took me a long while to finally feel the effects of Mother Nature on my psyche, by the time we had to leave in the morning, I was sad to say goodbye.

tent under the manzanitas ♥

We hiked down to the river, roasted hot dogs, had s’mores, saw one shooting star (the fullish moon was bright enough that we weren’t able to see more than that, although it was the peak night of the Perseid meteor shower), listened to owls all night long, had bacon and coffee for breakfast and one last trip to the river before we left. And while I’m not planning to go camping again this summer, I can’t wait until I can go next year.

top o' the falls

my feet


Happy Thing: S'Mores by the Light of a Lantern

sleepy morning in the tent

still sleepy

bacon for breakfast


These are the faces I make doing math.

17 08 2011

I should totally make this a series, but I’m just not often enough on the other side of a camera to capture (let alone know) what faces I make while Doing Things. But sitting around a table full of bloggers will solve that problem.

This is the face I make while trying to do simple addition in my head.

And this is the face I make when someone misunderstands the previous face for me trying to remember the numbers from Lost and I automatically rattle them off like nobody’s business to prove how geeky I am.

These photos are taken by Sonja and Bethany, respectively. My life is such that my blogging isn’t even my own right now. I mean. Except that it’s my face. There is that.

And Then Bethany Was Here

16 08 2011

This entry starring Bethany, Sonja, Katie, Summer, Madge, and Jen.  Oh and me.

This entry has been waiting for me to post it since before I even wrote it. I tried being all witty and funny with it, but I just can’t right now between the busy and the tired and the emo. Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures (taken by Bethany, Sonja and me) that relate somehow to the visit and I’ll ask YOU, my lovely readers, to make up a story based on the pictures. If I were a cool blogger I’d make this a contest and offer you a prize, but the only prize I can think of is the $5 coupon I got for Threadless.com for filling out a survey (which I assume I can forward on). That might be is totally really ghetto, but, hey, it cost me 10 minutes of my time. 10 whole minutes. So the commenter who makes me laugh hardest before I forget and then remember this contest and decide it’s over can totally win that if he/she wants.

Also? I hope this doesn’t break your dialup.

Katie and Summer


sonja blinding jen

as we are wont to do

downtown CV and a goofball

group shot at breakfast


disguised as a distinguished guest

from around the corner

summer on the stairs

doing the aloof ANTM thing

Sonja and Bonnie

Bonnie knitted A's orca

baby photobomb


And now time for a little Random Pantslessness!

11 08 2011

That last entry was a mite emo, no? To make up for it, I present to you your daily Random Pantslessness!

potty in the car
Every kid’s gotta have a picture like this.

pantsless in front of a house
And this even makes sense on a level that is my family because on every cross-country trip we stopped at every place my grandparents ever lived and took pictures of it. And who needs pants (or shirts) on a summer’s day in the Midwest? Not me, that’s who. Um. That’s who not? Oh never mind – moving on!

pantsless again
But this one? Is awesome. Because, as far as I can tell my family has no connection with this business sign (and please don’t correct me if I’m wrong, I like it best this way) so to pose pantsless on it is so very random and bizarre and hilarious that I’m thinking future-me went back in time and staged it just to make now-me laugh.

awkward family photos, here I come
This is not me, but it is another Bonnie. And there is no Pantslessness, but it’s pretty clear that this fits the theme. Merry Christmas: underpants!

this may be the best photo ever
As far as I can tell I’m probably wearing pants in this one, but I’m sharing it here because it just just as awesome as Random Pantslessness. It’s my new favorite photo and I want this blown up and put on display at my funeral, ok?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Random Pantslessness, but not too much because I pretty much used up my supply of Pantsless photos. Next time maybe I’ll share old birthday party photos with you. They are nearly as awesome as these have been.

Float On

9 08 2011

Life is surreal right now. I’m half-asleep. Too tired to wake up fully. Floating slowly in the direction of life, giving a kick now and then to make sure I keep moving in the right direction, albeit ever so slowly. Which is guess is the Right Answer for now anyway. This is where I’m supposed to be. Right? But holy hell it sucks.

And sometimes I wonder. Where is the line? How many weeks of downtime am I supposed to allow myself? I am not functioning well right now. Barely cooking, and when I do it is always simple and unbalanced meals. What are these vegetables of which you speak? No wonder we all feel so gross lately. I’m keeping up with only the very basic in housework and workwork. I’ve haven’t written anything in weeks, my websites are suffering. I think, under ideal circumstances, I’d be taken care of, but that isn’t an option here in this one-adult household and so we’re all sort of on our own right now. I’m barely mothering, too, right now. My children are fed and clean, but I’m far too snappy with too little patience and too many meltdowns too often. How long am I supposed to allow all this? Part of me wants me to give myself a fucking break and just Allow Life to Be what it is. To honor the grief. But part of me, I think that part that is less Wild, nags at me to suck it up and get back on track. I’m am feeling guilty and angry at myself for not being able to think clearly and Do Stuff.

I don’t know what the right answer is, but I hope floating on slowly is acceptable because it’s all I have in me right now.

Ten to Eleven

2 08 2011

And so, after clinging desperately to season 4, savoring every episode and digging deep into the Story and Stories within it, I’ve moved on to a new Doctor. As I got nearer to the end, I started thinking I would survive maybe after all. I dreamed about the new Doctor weeks ago, and started getting excited to meet him. There was even a brief moment where I thought I might go see Matt Smith and Karen Gillan record a podcast during Comic Con weekend (at first I worried about SPOILERS! but then Bethany was like, “Timey Wimey!” And I was all, “Wibbly Wobbly, I see what you did there!”) and I was super excited to go and try to sniff him (it was a request from a friend of mine – sniffing celebrities isn’t my usual hobby. Although. Maybe it should be?) but then tickets were sold out so we didn’t make it after all. What was I saying? I got all distracted by sniffing the Doctor and lost my place. Oh, right.

Ten.  And then he was gone. And it was epic and terrible and beautiful and his Story was finished perfectly. But he was still gone. And suddenly there’s this new kid there, spitting apples at children (in the most charming way, srsly) and I’m still recovering from it all.

That night I went to bed and had nightmares all night long about those two Doctors and also about my mom, because I’ve had an actual death this month, too. And I’m still not clear if it was innate wisdom or pure stupidity that caused me to traumatize myself with the death of the 10th Doctor while I’m in the middle of grieving. I cried a lot that night. Which is, of course, really important right now. And sometimes hard to find time for. The next day I still felt so surreal and strange and generally super fucked up, although, looking back I recognize that as exhaustion since I’d only slept maybe three hours the night before. And, as it turns out, sleep is quite important. Cause without it you go a little bit crazy. *ahem*

And so, despite a brief moment where I worried, it looks like I might survive even still. Fingers crossed. I’ve not formed a real, full opinion yet on the new Doctor or companion/s or the show itself. Every aspect of the show is new and that’s a lot of adjusting to do. But I’m committed to the Doctor as a character (cause I’ll follow anyone who drives a police box) so I love it all no matter what.

Except maybe the plasticky rainbow Daleks. They took all the steampunk out of them and that sort of renders them about 80% less awesome. *sad sigh* Please bring back the cool Daleks. Kthx.