Funny Things

24 07 2011

For when The Happy just isn’t enough. Here are my favorites from my Things Which Amuse Me set on Flickr.

signs at the park
Words of wisdom from a child: Don’t get eaten. I also like the Butterfly-Dang!

dum dum
Time-travelling lollipops from the year 2053.

mmmm... smells like cement in here
Ahhh, I love the smell of cement downpour in the morning!

my kind of flower pot

i totally just bought mexico for $3
I bought Mexico and then I SWEAR TO YOU that the next day it had a 7.2 Earthquake. No wonder it was such a great price.

the youth of chula vista are at it again
WTG, youth of my town!

with emphasis on the pride of potty
With EMPHASIS on the potty pride.

And the #1 Thing Which Amuses Me……


Analbertos #1
Because nothing says “delicious” like an anus!




4 responses

25 07 2011

Hahahaaaa. Thank you. I needed some funny right now! Because we are leaving for California in less than four days and I’ve done exactly zero packing, and today Annalie woke up all congested and not feeling well, and as of last night I’m dealing with a plugged milk duct and praying it doesn’t turn into mastitis. Because what I needed to be doing today, clearly, was spending even MORE time nursing and sitting around with hot compresses and such, rather than organizing my stuff and starting to pack. :-\ Sigh.

But hey! At least I get to see you soon! 🙂

25 07 2011

Bethany, have you ever done the thing where you hover over her while nursing to clear a plugged duct? It worked really well for me. Good luck!

25 07 2011

Years ago my Dad cleaned up an old painting of Windsor Castle. And then the real castle caught fire.

30 07 2011

Haha! You crack me up.

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