7 Days: Day 4 (Solstice)

21 06 2011

7 Days: Day 4 (Solstice)

As per tradition, we went to the beach tonight to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Unfortunately none of our usual friends could join us this time so it was just me and the kiddos, but we used that as a chance to drive less far so we wound up at Imperial Beach whose motto is – I swear – IB is OK. Not great! or awesome! or fantastic!. Just OK. Then again, the whole town’s slogan is The most southwesterly city in the continental US! Which is, well, kind of a ghetto claim to fame. Honestly, they should really consider hiring better PR people.

Anyway, we had a lovely evening. Please forgive my blinding legs. I think they just reflect sun rather than absorbing any for a potential tan.

Happy Solstice, everyone!




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