Improving my Home

16 06 2011

I have a million things to do today so what do I do? Well, first I tried hunting down more geeky lols, but the internet wasn’t delivering any. At least not any good ones. I do have this one saved on my computer from ages ago, and even though it’s old, I still can’t not giggle when I see it:

And then after that I decided to go dig through my box of Stuff I Won’t Get Rid Of because I wanted to find the taxi and bus I got when I lived in England as a child. In the process I found letters from an old boyfriendish type person (which are sad because he passed away a few years ago), embarrassing journals, my glossary of Scottish slang they handed out when we went to see Trainspotting, the actual ticket to Trainspotting along with tickets every other movie and concert I attended from 1993-1999, a very tiny Barbie, and a collection of various sands from Hawaii that my grandpa gave me.

And then! I put my mad photoshop skillz to work once again for you! You can say many things about me, but you can’t say I’m a terrible procrastinator.

Living room as it is now:
living room as it is now

And here’s a rough and thankfully not realistic (in terms of the lack of straight lines) sketch of what I would like it to be:
living room plans

I definitely want a futon or some sort of couch-to-bed thingie so we can have guests over. I’m really quite excited about the possibility of guests. And for one or both couches, I’ve decided I want a collection of geeky pillows.

I’m not really sure what I’m looking for in terms of art on that wall. I put a rainbow to represent my love of color, but I’m not tied to the image of a crappily-photoshopped series of wobbly lines. I am open to suggestions here. Either for prints or projects. I don’t think I want a photo of mine up there because how do I choose just one? That would be like picking only one of your children to hang up on the wall. Er. Well, you know what I mean. I am half-tempted to get a bigass print of vulvas to hang up there. But that might discourage the potential guests and render the futon obsolete.

In the dinette, I’ve drawn you a highly sophisticated sketch of one of those shelf-things that goes above a toilet. Or, if you know of something classier, that’s cool, too. But I like the idea of leaving the floor space open to set the futurecat’s bowls under. On the shelf we’d keep the fruit bowl, napkins (no need for hovernapkins, although I realize my drawing hints at the idea), salt and pepper shakers, and Stuff (which will, apparently, be stored in a pinkish bowl). Cupboards or open shelves are both acceptable.

dinette with a shelf

Now. My friend Anna made this awesome photo wall and I am totally stealing her idea. But the question is, does it go in the dinette, above the freezer (which will have a nicer tablecloth someday) or in the bedroom behind the bed? And the flip side of that question: what goes on the wall that doesn’t have a photo wall? For the record some ideas I’ve had in the past for home decorating were tiki-based and Disneyland-based. That’s two separate things, not one.

another blank wall

And there is also this newly blank wall below. This might be a good place for a piece of art I have in mind based on this poem.
blank wall

In addition to all this, I’m forming a list of things large to small I’m needing for the house to slowly make it more mine. I’m keeping it here for one central place to have it while also keeping the info out there just in case someone happens to know of the existence of some of these items. I realize not all of you are local, but I’m throwing this list here in case you happen to come across an excellent deal online. For you local people, if you see something from the list somewhere or happen to know of anyone getting rid of any of this, I’d love any tips to help keep things are cheap as possible.

~Random old frames for the photo wall
~Shelf for dinette
~Bookshelves for the bedrooms
~Bunk bed for the kids (and mattresses and sheets)
~Shelving for the closet(s)
~One or two of these from Ikea
~Windchimes of all sizes
~Skirt hangers
~Pavers for the patio
~Geeky pillows
~Tablecloth for the freezer (red)
~New bedspread for me




17 responses

16 06 2011

The photo wall clearly doesn’t go above the bed, because you don’t want to be hit by falling frames if there’s an earthquake.
I’m a bit of a pessimist sometimes. šŸ™‚

16 06 2011

Oh, Sonja. You share my brain. I have these two large prints of the Sandwich Isles (early British name for Hawaii) that I originally wanted behind the bed until it occurred to me that that would be a terrible idea. So they are on the other wall. But little frames don’t worry me as much as big giant ones. What else would you think could go there? A canvas print? Something else?

16 06 2011

Hmmm. I dunno. How do you feel about wall decals? They can easily be removed and repositioned without hurting the wall. Or unframed posters perhaps? Hung up with that putty stuff?
There also was a crafty trend a while back to frame fabric in embroidery hoops and cluster those on a wall, much like the photo wall (except with flimsy, lightweight frames and no glass).
I’ve been having thoughts about painting a pretty faux headboard above the bed, but my stupid bead actually already has a headboard. The bed is stifling my creative self-expression.

16 06 2011

That would be my stupid BED, not my stupid bead. Don’t even get me started about my stupid bead.

16 06 2011

Haha! I love you.

16 06 2011

I love you back!
And I love this comment thread about stupid beads.

16 06 2011

Ideas for a blank wall above a bed:
anything fabric. pretty quilts, the idea with the embroidery hoops that Sonja says, etc.
also you could find a neat stick (not too heavy) and hang it horizontal with beautiful things hanging from it – ribbon with art cards or photos on the end, prayer flags, fancy fibers with beads (but not Sonja’s stupid bead), natural materials, felted things, anything really.

16 06 2011

I’m kind of digging the hanging ribbons idea. Of course I’m also kind of digging the fabric in embriodery hoops idea b/c Karen showed me this awesome website that makes all sorts of awesome geeky fabric. I bet I could find some good Disneyland or Tiki stuff if I decided to go that route.

16 06 2011

It took me an inordinately long time to figure out how to view the poem. I was looking all over the picture! Moused over a few times. Mouse over a few more times. Doy!

I have some beautiful/favorite posters framed above our bed. The frames are *gasp plastic but suffice as far as framing and are not lethal in any event. I have also seen people put prints or posters directly on the wall then nail on a frame directly on top – no glass or plastic and always level. I have some old weathered wood I intend to use for something similar.

16 06 2011
bethany actually

Yep, plastic frames are your friend. We have a poster frame that has plastic instead of glass but a wooden frame so it doesn’t even look cheap. Available at Michaels for reasonable prices.

17 06 2011

What I’d like you to do is put that vulva poster up above the guest futon, being sure to hang it on a loose nail. So that there’s every chance it’ll fall off the wall in the night, land on the guest’s head and they’ll open their eyes and wonder where THE HELL they are.

I should run a hotel.

17 06 2011


17 06 2011

Now I am never going to be able to hang something over my bed again without fearing that I will be attacked by it in the night. Thanks for that. I wonder how insulted my husband would be if I hung a picture of Christian Bale over the bed. I wouldn’t mind being attacked by him.

Framed paper, no glass, would work too. Micheal’s has some amazingly pretty papers. Some tiki and/or disney papers too.

And am I the only one who thinks you should buy a huge canvas and paint that EXACT rainbow on it? Probably.

17 06 2011

Well, just to please both you and Sarah, perhaps I’ll paint a rainbow OVER the vulvas. Ohhhhh. No. Better yet – paint each vulva a different color of the rainbow!

17 06 2011

Rainbow vulvas… I almost want to dare you to do it, just so I can see it.

17 06 2011

OK. DUH. The Enchanted Tiki Room. Disneyland AND Tikis. Sometimes I am so slow.

18 06 2011
bethany actually

Hahaha, when I read the post I kind of mushed those two together in my brain and I thought that was what you meant. So when I got to this comment I was confused, and had to re-read the post to figure it out. So…maybe you were reading my mind again!

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