Nerdy Lolz n’ Weird Googles

13 06 2011

1. To the person who found this blog by searching for “zebrabelly divorce” – that’s really weird. It’s even weirder than the person who found the blog searching for “kids pee together” and that’s damn weird. (But which is weirder: the search term itself or the fact that it led here?) And to the person who found this via “zebrabelly serious” – I hope to disappoint you. With a shitload of LolDoctors.

2. LolDoctors:

And then today I found this image on Facebook. I think it’s meant to be political, but all I can think is that I’m kind of glad I didn’t go to New York after all. (I added the text at the bottom with this LolCat Generator. You’re welcome.)

3. That wasn’t really a shitload.  I’ll make it up to you with MOAR LOLZ. These of the wizard variety.


4. My work here is done.