Tweets From April

7 05 2011

My plans today were canceled so I guess I’ll have to eat all these cookies myself.
3 Apr

Saw a sticker that indicated the car it was attached to could do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. Kids didn’t get it. They suck at being nerds.
4 Apr

That coffee I had at 9pm seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that it’s 1am and my brain won’t shut up, I think maybe not so much.
9 Apr

HAHA I have FINISHED the tail of the orca! I am AWESOME. Bow to me. (Also, I am humble.)
10 Apr

Oh by the way I can like my coffee black now.
14 Apr

A few nights ago I had a dream in which I made up a joke that it took me a few minutes to understand. I’m THAT smart.
15 Apr

Wanna know what’s dumb? Vacuuming the car just before you hit the beach. Thank god I’m so cute.
15 Apr

Temple of Doom really sucks. In every way. Except the shirtless Indy bits. That part doesn’t suck. Also this.
16 Apr

Elliott’s Lego guy is “unvisible” right now.
18 Apr

Gone Daddy Gone, Mayonnaise, Beat on the Brat- wow the radio doesn’t suck today.
18 Apr

Why yes I did back out of the entrance to the Coronado Bridge today in Barrio Logan. And I don’t regret it.
18 Apr

My son is into making up board games. While this is cute and shows how smart he is, it also means I have to play hours of 5yo-designed games
19 Apr

I hate it when I’m smarter than the baristas at @Starbucks . Also: I get bitchy if you come between me and my coconut mocha.
19 Apr

Just looked up the definition for “agelessness” and found that it’s dated to 1651. Hrm.
20 Apr

Margie: What do you call two lovebirds on a power line? Dead!
22 Apr

My dream this morning ended in a cliffhanger. How is that fair, brain??
23 Apr

Last night’s dream was a Veronica Mars spinoff. Some people dream in color. Apparently I dream in TV.
24 Apr

And just like that she turned nine.
24 Apr

According to Elliott Dr. Who said, “Bathroom.” So Rose kicked him. And rightly so, IMO. How impertinent.
25 Apr

ZebraBelly just discovered that Google will GUESS at a celebrity’s height. This amuses me for some reason.
25 Apr

I keep hearing the theme from Jurassic Park. I can’t tell if it’s the neighbors or if I’m going a little bit insane.
28 Apr

Why yes I did just Google “water crystals satan”. Is that not a normal thing to research? (PS. tell the water it’s cute to exorcise it.)
30 Apr




6 responses

7 05 2011

Wait. I’m supposed to PLAY with all those games Lev invents?!

7 05 2011
bethany actually

Which episode did Rose kick the Doctor for saying “bathroom”? (Or whatever? I have my doubts he said “bathroom” because in England they just say “toilet” and laugh at the Americans who ask for directions to the bathroom.)

7 05 2011

You are exactly right. This was just Lego play. My son doesn’t understand the intricacies of other dialects. Darn kids. I was just wondering today if “British” counts as a foreign language for school.

7 05 2011
bethany actually

I think it should! I used to read British-authored books when I was a kid and I needed a dictionary to look up a word on every other page, it seemed!

7 05 2011

How very educated of you. I learned my earliest British by watching Laugh In at midnight when I was eight. Classy.

Oh, we also had British pen-pals in 3rd grade and we got a key, I think, for basic words they might use. (Which reminds me that somewhere I have a glossary of Scottish slang they handed us when we went to see Trainspotting.)

And my stepmother is British so when I first met her in person (all of these things happened around the same time in my life) I learned some more. I remember not understanding her the first time she said we were going to the “mall”. Not a different word, but very different pronunciation.

7 05 2011
bethany actually

Well, the books I was reading were ones that we picked up at our local thrift store, so it’s not like I was reading Dickens or something when I was a kid. Well, actually I DID read Dickens as a kid, but not till a bit later. These were mostly just modernish (written in the 60s and 70s) kids’ novels about everyday stuff. There was one about a girl who went to stay with another family for the summer, and there was a mix-up and they were out of town when she got there, so she just decided to be a runaway and lived in their garden for a few weeks till the locals figured it out. She drank orange squash and went to the chemist’s and other ‘exotic’ things. I loved it.

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