Instamatic at the Beach

5 04 2011

The other day my Sunday plans were canceled and I was left in this apartment all alone which felt unusually empty since the kids were gone. At first I considered activities that involved being home, and then it occurred to me that I’m a grown-up and I can totally go do things all by myself. So I went to the beach. I purposefully left my camera at home because I wanted to focus on Mother Nature herself and lose myself in the crash of the waves and the smell of the sea.

Of course I’m me and I took some photos anyway.

Happy Thing: The Beach

tide pool

pelicans fly in perfect lines

It worked! I got some Happy in, and some time with my spiritual side, and I got to see two cute crabs in the tide pools. Win-win-win.




7 responses

5 04 2011

one of my most recent fulfilling moments was an hour at the lake, alone. i was near tears, no exaggeration (think maybe i needed a wee break? hmm). it was so nice to just….be. i didn’t take my camera. but i’m glad you took yours. those photos are great, and i am glad you had those moments.

5 04 2011
bethany actually

I love the shot of the pelicans.

6 04 2011

You’re right! You can do things all by yourself. I always forget that.

7 04 2011

The pelicans. They are fantastic.

7 04 2011
Sara W

The bird shot is amazing. ❤

28 04 2011
Carmen Smith

I’m your newest follower or should I say I just found you. I found a link to that the Today show posted on facebook about “The Shape of a Mother”. I haven’t had a chance to read much but I’m so excited I found both if this blogs. They both just beautiful. I’m a mother of two handsome little boys, married to an amazing man that tells me everyday that I’m beautiful and I was diagnose with PCOS a few months after getting married in feb 2004.

28 04 2011

Hi, Carmen! Nice to meet you! 🙂

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