Two recipes for you! You’re welcome.

1 04 2011

Lavender Popcorn

lavender popcorn

Last weekend we went to Summer’s place to celebrate her birthday with a brunch. I wanted to bring something to share, but I could not figure out what was easy, cheap and quick (because I had about 45 minutes before we had to leave. What? I has mad procrastination skillz). Popcorn! But what kind of popcorn? Salt and pepper? Rosemary and garlic? It had to be something special and yet still brunchyish. Lavender. Yes. So I mixed up some lavender buds with some sugar (organic evaporated cane juice) and a little salt while the popcorn popped in coconut oil. Drizzled the popped corn with a little more oil and then tossed it in the sugar mixture. The general consensus was that it was a great idea. Even Margie, who declared she wouldn’t eat it (so I also prepared some simple EVOO and salt popcorn, too) loved it.

Good-For-You Magic Shell

Happy Thing: Homemade GOOD FOR YOU Magic Shell

A couple of years ago I made magic shell on my own and it was, indeed, magic. It was pretty much exactly like the stuff you buy in the store. But it was made with chocolate chips (or any other chocolate you want) and therefore refined sugar. I’d always wondered if I could make a more whole version with maybe raw honey and cocoa powder. So I found a recipe that called for equal parts coconut oil, raw honey and cocoa powder and mixed that up and tried it out. The flavor was delicious, but the consistency was not like the store bought kind. The honey made it much chewier than refined sugar is. So will I make it again? You bet! But I’ll also sometimes make the regular kind.

magic shell on a spoon




4 responses

1 04 2011

Lavender popcorn. Sheer brilliance.

1 04 2011
bethany actually

I wonder…if you made lavender sugar (mix lavender buds with sugar in a container and let it sit a couple weeks) and used THAT to make kettle corn (throw 2-3 Tbsp lavender sugar into the pot with the coconut oil and popcorn, and be sure you shake it really well while it’s cooking so the sugar doesn’t burn) if that would be as tasty? I love homemade kettle corn.

It was a brilliant idea, by the way! Lavender popcorn is totally brunchy.

4 04 2011

Oh man- that really makes me crave some kettle corn. Yum.

5 04 2011

My mom makes it with coconut oil & chocolate chips, no honey or sugar needed. So she says, anyway.

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