7 Days Relish (To Go With the Ketchup)

26 03 2011

It’s been a surreal week. I’m starting to get back to regular daily routines and slowly checking off my to-do list (all while still working on the house – just when I think I need a break, I find myself halfway through another project). At the same time I’m finding the kids and I losing our regularly scheduled activities one by one. Our monthly field trip group is sort of falling apart without me to lead it, there is sudden and rather intense conflict in our weekly knitting group and I am reevaluating my attendance there, and the local park day has been fairly nonexistent all year. So we have lots of time at home these days which is probably for the best right now, but also leaves us with a feeling of emptiness. Or maybe just me; the kids have filled their emptiness with lots of Club Penguin and Mario Kart.

Even 7 Days seemed different this time. Partly, I’m sure, because I fell off the commenting bandwagon somewhere along the line and just could not find the willpower to get back on. Partly because those first days were just so strange to begin with, filled with the chaos of moving and the emptiness of the kids being away for the first time. I didn’t really even realize what I was doing until several days in, and I had very little in the way of inspired shots. Still, I think my pictures came out pretty good for being so uninspired and unaware.

7 Days: Day 5 (This is How I Wake Up)

7 Days: Day 6 (Fun With the Pigeon)

7 Days: Day 7 (Knitting)

You can read more about the pictures by clicking on each one, and you can see the video I took on Day 4 here. For the record, I find twin eggs freaky as hell.




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