Day o’ Snow!

22 02 2011

these people asked to pose with my snowman

I spent Sunday afternoon eating chocolate and walking on the beach with Summer. It was perfect. And then the next morning my family and I drove up to the mountains to play in the snow. This is what I love about San Diego. We have it all, but not at the risk of having to actually deal with major weather issues. In fact, we don’t deal well with snow on the whole, but this weekend it stayed up on the mountain where it belongs so there weren’t any emergency situations.

sand and snow together

Many years ago I’d taken a friend and her kids to the snow on a weekend. BAD IDEA. Traffic was so horrible, it took us two full hours to make a 20 minute stretch of road. So I was apprehensive what we’d find yesterday which was sort of a weekend due to the President’s Day holiday. It turned out to be awesome. We went to William Heise Park again, which is where we’d camped during the Big Scary Thunderstorm back in October. There were people around, and Alex was disappointed to find the snow already full of foot prints, but based on my previous experiences with bad traffic or just a crapload of people, the park was really pretty empty and we had a great time to ourselves.

baby oak

We threw snowballs and made snow angels and crunched around and admired the ice on the trees. We made a snowlady. A pretty damn kickass one, if I do say so myself. I’ve never made a serious one before and I took this one very seriously. I originally wanted to make her bigger, but turns out snowmen are a lot of work and I’m kind of lazy. Even today my left butt cheek hurts for all the squats I did gathering snow and forming the body. After she was all built and carved into a lovely snowlady shape the kids hunted down some accessories to make a face and arms. Margie decided she needed green eyes so she plucked two oak leaves. Alex grabbed two acorn tops which Margie made into cheeks and Elliott found the perfect smile. I was proud.

Happy Thing: The Best Snow Lady Ever

The snowlady was so awesome, apparently, that a group of people walking by asked to pose with it (the top photo in this entry). I think that’s awesome. So I took my own photo of them and I think it’s one of my favorite photos of the day.

sparkly snow

And then we headed home. It was a long day for my sensory kids who don’t have proper snow gear. Margie had more than one meltdown and Elliott was not at all pleased at the fact that snow turned out to be cold and wet. Despite a few moments of discomfort, they both had lots of fun, too. And I’m left with the glow of these happy memories. And all without having to shovel my own driveway!




4 responses

22 02 2011

how fun!

23 02 2011

That’s pretty cool that you can just visit snow and then go home again without having to worry about shovelling things.
Also, that is one classy snow lady.

24 02 2011
ana @ i made it so

my eyeballs are confused. i see a photo with snow, and yet there are happy people standing around, and you can see their faces and limbs and they’re not wrapped head to toe in woolly warm stuff. they’re even smiling! we dare not do that, our teeth would freeze and fall out. right there! where is this magical place you live?

24 02 2011

Oh I was about to make a political joke about the US vs Canada but it’s just bummin’ me out, man. Instead I’ll just say that we all agreed we’re glad to leave it where it is. (Although, if I had the gas money, I’d go back next week – there’s another Artic storm moving in!)

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