Crappy Things

22 02 2011

I’ve been trying to focus on the Happy and ignore the Crappy, but the fact is that my brain does not work that way. My brain requires the Crappy to be acknowledged and pitied before it will let go. So here is the crappy.

1. I have limited music-listening abilities right now. My car is 12 years old and so is the stereo. In the last two weeks the CD player seems to skip all the time now so CD’s are out. The tape deck is on its last legs which doesn’t sound like much since it’s, well, a tape deck, but it had been the only way I was able to listen to my iPod through one of these guys. And then, on my birthday I was getting out of the car to check the mail when I tripped on the cord and it ripped in half. I am extremely grateful that my iPhone didn’t go flying out of the car with the force of my un-grace – if I had to pick which to lose, I totally lost the right one – but I can’t help being bitter that I’m stuck with the radio now. I don’t know what’s happened in the last 10 years but the commercials on the radio seem to be entirely for weight loss products, products to enhance your penis, or for strip clubs/phone services. WTF? This isn’t really great listening for kids in the car, you know? And weekend NPR is great, but weekday NPR is iffy since it’s more news and therefore more bombings and good stuff like that. I think buying a new iPod-tape-deck thingie isn’t so much money but the tape deck itself is already dying and I feel like it would be a better use of money to save up for a new stereo. With money as tight as it’s been and about to get tighter, I don’t know when that will happen. I’m not sure which to do.

1.a. In the house all my computer drives seem to be dying in their own creative ways. Well, except the one we bought about a year ago which turned out to be a CD/DVD burner only. WTF? Who would even make that? I’m angry at the husband for not taking it back when we figured that out. Maybe I shouldn’t blame him – I suppose I could have learned how to uninstall it myself, but I didn’t. Even that only registers when it feels like it. *sigh* In other words, I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to listening to music right now. And that sucks.

2. My coffee maker broke. It’s not unusable. It really still works fine, it’s just slightly more awkward. The problem here is the simple fact that it broke. Why would it do that to me? I’m insulted.

3. My house is a big fat mess. I can’t find the energy to neaten up after this crew of messy people anymore. A mess sucks my energy. No energy means I can’t clean the mess. It’s a stupid spiral.

OK. That’s out. Acknowledged and pitied. Back to the Happy! I’ll post some pictures in a bit of our Day ‘o Snow!




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22 02 2011
bethany actually

Oh man, I am with you on number 3. A mess sucks the energy right out of me, too, yet most of the mess in this house can be attributed to people who are not me. And that makes me less likely to clean up after myself, which means the mess gets bigger, I have less energy, etc. A stupid spiral, indeed. Sigh.

Sometimes the crappy just has to get out before you can get back to the happy.

22 02 2011

Acknowledge the shit! I’m all about that.
I have a new friend from one of my classes that has had a truly suck ass life up until pretty recently. Anyway, she concluded a recent email to me with this gem:
“My purpose is to see that my children and grandC have better lives than I did and are happier people and productive citizens. That is my way of changing the world. It is real easy to be spiritual when it’s only you. I got news for all them: Real love is about shit. Cleaning up shit, taking care of shit, showing up and helping when shit happens.”

It’s like poetry to me right now.

23 02 2011

IS SO GET THIS!!! – 3. My house is a big fat mess. I can’t find the energy to neaten up after this crew of messy people anymore. A mess sucks my energy. No energy means I can’t clean the mess. It’s a stupid spiral.

Also, CD’s will play in a DVD player for the house and they sell IPod speakers at places like walgreens for like $5 for $10. They aren’t the best, but might hold you over in the car and house for now…???

I can’t help with the coffee maker. 😦

23 02 2011

I do have ipod speakers and sometimes I do listen to my iPhone in the car just by itself since it has speakers, it’s just not very loud and doesn’t sound great AND drains the battery. Anyway, that problem has been solved. ♥

The coffee maker is fine. It works fine. It just pissed me off. It’s a jerk.

23 02 2011

Whoops I meant I have headphones, not speakers.

28 02 2011

Stupid coffee maker. Those things should be indestructible. They should never, ever break. The consequences of no coffee are far too life altering.

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