Happy Things

15 02 2011

Happy Thing: Lady Bug Luck

Life is hard right now. At some times it is nearly crippling. Even when I’m functioning well, I’m having a hard time keeping things in order and facts straight. It could not be a better time to embrace the flaky than right now. So it’s a good thing Bethany made me this mug.

Happy Thing: My New Favorite Mug

I’ve long toyed with the idea of doing a 365 thing on Flickr. I had thought it would be cool to document an entire year of my life, starting on my birthday. But I’ve never been ready. I’ve also been waiting for a particularly cool age like 35 or 40. But this year I wasn’t sure how my birthday was going to go, and I tried to just focus on the little happy moments and forget any shit that might happen.

Happy Thing: Kids Playing in the Late Afternoon Sun

I normally don’t start big projects like this when I’m in the midst of Hard Times, but this one focuses on The Happy and I feel like I need that. It’s almost like a prayer to find one happy moment and to photograph it. It requires thought, intent, almost meditation. It helps cultivate love and happiness. And having a record of The Happy is not only a visual way to count my blessings, but also a therapy since looking back at the photos is nearly as effective as taking them in the first place.

Happy Thing: Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookie Dough

I was toying with the idea of starting a Flickr group for it. Not a big one – there are tons of similar ones out there for strangers – but one where friends, if they choose, could join in and we could feed on each other’s Happy. No rules, no pressure to do anything perfect, just a big fat batch of Happy. If there’s enough interest I’ll start one. If not, I’ll just be happy with my Happy.

Find my whole set here.




11 responses

15 02 2011

I’d love to join in on the Happy. I think when we’re not happy, it’s the best time to remind ourselves that it does exist, somewhere out there. I’m sorry that you are having a hard time of it.

15 02 2011

DO IT! I’d play! Would it have to be every day?

15 02 2011

No rules! I think the ideal would be to aim for every day but sometimes it won’t happen or maybe you’d rather do it once a week or whatever. Make it Happy for you.

15 02 2011

You can count me in.

15 02 2011
bethany actually

Yes! I’m in. I might even wait to start daily photos till my birthday, which is just over a month away.

15 02 2011
bethany actually

(Because I wanna be like you, of course.)

15 02 2011

Go for it – not just the group, but being happy too ๐Ÿ™‚

15 02 2011

I might be ready to join a 365 group one day soon ๐Ÿ™‚

16 02 2011

I’d play along. I’m already doing a 365 project on my other blog where I try to get a moment every day. I’d like to see what other people do too.

16 02 2011

I want to be in that group!
Viva la happy!

12 06 2011
bethany actually» Blog Archive » happy things

[…] on her birthday this year that she would take a picture every day of something that made her happy, to remind herself in the midst of a difficult time to Find the Happy. She decided to create a Flickr group so her friends could share the happy too. Finding a bit of […]

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