Cauliflower Pizza

14 02 2011

cauli 'za

For the record, this is not a substitute for regular bread pizza crust* (well, maybe it would be if you cooked the cauli first, but I’m dubious). But it is delicious. And it does make for an extra vegetable in the meal, and fewer pesky grains. And it is most certainly gluten-free. That’s win-win-win if I counted right.

Most recipes seem to follow the formula of 1 Cup riced cauliflower to 1 C shredded cheese to one egg. I think the first time I made it with slightly less cheese and it was still really yummy. If you can’t do dairy Daiya cheese would work very well.

To rice the cauli, all you do is pulse it through the food processor until it is about the size of rice. I hear you can also use this in stir-fry and I can’t wait to try that next time my CSA box is blessed with cauliflower.

romanesco cauliflower

riced cauliflower

Once that’s accomplished, mix your ingredients together and add whatever seasonings you like. I’d recommend garlic, rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper and possibly more garlic (if you are trying to keep Edward Cullen away or just like the flavor as much as I do). Drop onto cookie sheets greased or lined with parchment and form into pizza crust shapes.

formed into crust, ready to bake

Throw in the oven and bake at 350 or maybe 400 if that floats your boat until they are beginning to look golden. Then you top them like a normal pizza and bake again until the cheese is golden. I also made some “bread” sticks and put some dipping sauces (dandelion pesto and pizza sauce) on the table to go with.

cauliflower 'za

*For gluten-free bread pizza crust, we love Udi’s.




One response

16 02 2011

I am going to try this next week.
Cauliflower is strange stuff. You can make almost anything out of it. We eat Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatos every once in a while and they are great.

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