Holy CRAP it’s the middle of February and I haven’t posted January’s tweets yet!

9 02 2011

Margie: “Its the MOST Wonderful time of the year!” Actually its not cause thats when you get sick. Man those guys should think about lyrics.
3 Jan

Elliott: I want to BE the Brady Bunch.
3 Jan

Margie: I’ve learned that lesson in life – Don’t Double Dip.
6 Jan

Dinner was so good and now pear cobbler for dessert (and breakfast)? I think I’m going to marry myself.
6 Jan

Watching the Wizard of Oz, Elliott asks: “Does the Scarecrow have a gun? Or a chopstick?”
7 Jan

E, pointing to a picture of Indiana Jones: “Doesn’t he look like Han Solo?” Asked if other pics of Indy looked like Han, E said, “No way!”
9 Jan

If you heard me in the midst of a big coughing fit in the night, that was just me choking on my own spit. #sofuckinggraceful
11 Jan

Elliott, singing the TMBG song about Triops: “Tri-pops has three eyes!!!”
12 Jan

Margie: I love my family! All 64 of them!
12 Jan

Margie: Why not just add “butt” to every sentence?!
12 Jan

In the last few weeks I have acquired FOUR apologetic drink vouchers for Starbucks. I can’t decide if this is awesome or terrible.
16 Jan

Yesterday I ran some errands but forgot my phone at home. My first thought? Call Alex to let him know I didn’t have my phone. Oh.
16 Jan

Elliott, identifying pictograms during a vision screening: “I don’t know what the hell that is, but I sure do see it!”
17 Jan

I was composing tweets in my head while driving and I missed my exit. I should not be allowed to think.
19 Jan

Elliott, upon watching Toy Story for the first time: “But can’t the toys just turn back to fake?” Um. Not really, Dude.
19 Jan

Elliott: it smells like fart because I farted here and here and here. For some reason.
23 Jan

Elliott: Mom, it’s so cool that we have an under the sink!
25 Jan

Elliott came to see what I’d knocked over while cleaning the shower: Wow! That’s cute soap!
25 Jan

And by “bean burger patties” I meant “fried bean crumble” for dinner.
27 Jan

But… Why is the coffee always gone??
29 Jan

Elliott: Starbucks is gonna run out of coffee because of YOU. And other people.
31 Jan




4 responses

9 02 2011

okay…so funny….and we had three apologetic coupons from one of our favorite restaurants in January. We used one and then that very same dinner we got TWO MORE!!!!!!!!!
I’m not complaining cuz no one got sick or grossed out….

9 02 2011
bethany actually

Have you noticed how your twitter has been gradually taken over by your hilarious kids? 🙂 They get it from their mama.

9 02 2011

I did notice that! It was a funny month for them.

11 02 2011

“Elliott: Starbucks is gonna run out of coffee because of YOU. And other people.”

Hahaha! I think I may be the “other people.”

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