Law & Order: Traffic Court

31 01 2011

Scene opens on a cold morning after a rainstorm. It is far too early and there is no coffee; it was presumed that coffee would not be allowed inside. Our heroine, Zebra, has decided to arrive early only to discover a line into the building which takes nearly half an hour. Said line is full of people carrying coffee. Zebra has a head cold and feels slightly dizzy. It does not help when a very polite homie stands in line behind her making himself deaf with music in his headphones loud enough for everyone with five feet to hear (the politeness came when he accidentally stepped on Zebra’s shoes and he apologized profusely). Zebra is bitter and wallows in her misfortune.

Once inside she heads upstairs to Line #2 which is slightly shorter, but moves more slowly. At least this time there are chairs to sit in and she can read while she waits. At the end of the line she is sent across the room to wait some more. Everything is more confusing than usual due to the sickness-induced brain fog, and she is unsure what to do when the Deputy Sheriff doesn’t call her name. It turns out she waits. She should not be so surprised. Eventually she is ushered inside a room where she… waits. But this time not very long – she is the fourth or fifth person to be called to the podium. Arraignment… She has watched enough Law and Order to know that’s something for Bad People. This makes her feel slightly excited and dangerous. She pleads Not Guilty and is ushered into the bail room (dangerous!) to… wait. Eventually she is given a court date to return for a hearing (dangerous!) and some paperwork to sign.

At the end of the two hours she had spent a grand total of five minutes actively fighting the traffic ticket. On March 7th she plans to bring coffee and not be sick. The rest is up to fate. Oh and the judge.




5 responses

31 01 2011

You are such a hardcore rebel. Go on with your bad self.

31 01 2011

weren’t you scared with all those other Bad People around you?

1 02 2011

You know what, Kirsten? A little, yeah.

1 02 2011

Do you think taking the judge coffee might help?

1 02 2011

that does not sound fun!

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