Latkes? Cakes? Patties? I don’t know, but they were yummy!

15 01 2011

I have this quirk where I generally refuse to follow recipes, patterns, instructions, et cetera. (Except for when I do, of course.) This leads about half the time to failures but the other half the time I’m so damn proud of myself for doing it on my own that it completely obliterates the fails from memory. I feel this whole cycle enhances my cuteness. This recipe is a story of a WIN coming from a FAIL(ish).

This week I made some quinoa that came out rather, er, fluffy. I had intended it for a salad mixed with some kabocha squash, but the quinoa was sticky and much softer than usual so it didn’t mix well. It tasted ok, but the consistency inspired me to make this delicious fried patty.

I don’t measure things (please see the first paragraph) so I can’t really offer you more details than this.

Cooked quinoa
Roasted, cubed kabocha or other squash
1 egg
Flour (I used coconut which is a VERY VERY thirsty flour so I only used a rounded tablespoon – basically use the amount you’d use in a meatloaf or meatballs or just enough to make it moldable without being sticky)
salt, pepper and probably garlic power (what? it was days ago, I can’t remember what all I put in it!)
If I’d had scallions I would have liked to add those.

Mix with your hands, form into patties, fry in a pan full of oil (I used coconut).


I served these with some chicken salad and pickles.

squash and quinoa latkes

So what do you think? What shall I name these?




5 responses

15 01 2011

Squinoa Cakes. Or patties. I don’t care about the noun part, but the adjective needs to be squinoa.

15 01 2011

I dunno what I’d call them but I love that that one in the picture is shaped like a hexagon.

15 01 2011

And no doubt they are squinoa. Summer nailed it.

15 01 2011

Definitely squinoa. I also second the ‘cakes.’

15 01 2011
bethany actually

Mmmmm, coconut oil…

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