APU Swap 2010

1 01 2011

Can you believe I didn’t photograph the things I sent out this year? I was madly knitting quite literally up to the moment I packed it all up sent it off (one day late) and I guess in the shuffle, I forgot. What I sent was a little craft kit for the kids, a decorate-your-own-cookie for Brian, and I made Jessie a hat and scarf set. I tried choosing a color she’d like that would compliment her winter coat. I hope I did an OK job of that.

I also sent a bunch of Mexican candy because Jessie had mentioned being interested in recieving food or other things that were local to her swap-sender’s area of the world. If I am remembering right, I sent her some pico, some saladitos (naturally), some mango-chile suckers, and some tamarind candy. I also threw in some Pinguinos and some Bimbo conchas because I’m super mature. Oh, also because I used to buy conchas at the local panaderias before going gluten-free.

My swap-sender turned out to be Corey who sent a bunch of really incredible stuff. I am typically not a present-shaker. I am happy to wait until gift-opening time to be surprised. But this year, due to that big East Coast blizzard, there was talk of delaying the opening of the gifts (we all open them “together” in a chat) and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to contain myself. I did, and it’s a good thing, too, because this is what I found when I opened the box:

thank goodness I didn't cheat

I also found this note describing everything in detail.

spolier alert!

And then the kids opened their big gift. What was inside is one of my favorite things this whole year.

opening a gift

leia ornament

indy ornament

And then my stuff. There was a big chunk of soft lovely purple yarn, some goat’s milk soap (Corey knows these goats personally!), a handmade (and I believe hand-grown) lavender eye pillow, some note cards with local-to-Corey apple packing crate labels on them, a set of magnets, and this sweet little clay dish I am absolutely in love with – it deserves its own picture because I have honestly never seen anything like it.

mah loot

my new favorite thing

There were some other things, too, that didn’t make it into photos for one of many reasons (most likely: I got distracted). A woolen Navajo-design rug, a pair of psychic socks*, a hand-made card with a recipe for lavender cookies inside (and the lavender to make the cookies!), as well as some candy and tattoos for the kids. I think I am remembering it all. It was a really sweet package. Thanks, again, Corey! And, thanks, APU, for always being you. I love you all.

*The socks themselves were not psychic, but the fact that Corey bought them last January, long before she know I, an avid lover of socks, would be her partner, adds a very cool element to the story.




5 responses

1 01 2011

Have a grand New Year, Bonnie. ♥

2 01 2011

That is just full of awesomeness 🙂

2 01 2011
bethany actually

Those ornaments are the BEST THINGS EVER. What is APU? Other than the guy who runs the Kwik-E-Mart, of course.

3 01 2011

Attachment Parents United (APUnited.com) is the AP message board I’ve been a part of (in various incarnations) since I was pregnant with Margie. It’s not your typical message board. it reminds me a lot of the closeness of the 7 Days people. ♥

26 01 2011
Lavender Cookies « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] of the best parts of my swap package was a recipe for lavender cookies complete with lavender buds. I’ve had them stuck to the […]

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