7 Days: Day 7 (Holiday Tree Through the Lensbaby)

24 12 2010

7 Days: Day 7 (Christmas Tree Through The Lensbaby)

Back in the autumn run, I did a similar shot with a leaf-shaped aperture I’d made and I wanted to recycle the idea with another seasonally-appropriate aperture shape.

Lensbaby makes a really cool creative aperture kit which comes with some blank pieces to carve into whatever shape you desire (or it did when I bought mine, now they are sold separately. Of course mine only came with two pre-cut shapes, now they come with nine). Here’s how I made this:

the tools i used

A pencil for sketching, an exacto knife for carving, a mat for protecting your surface, an image to sketch from, and the plain black circle, ripe for carving.

i needed a snowflake model to draw from

I used this as a guide for snowflake. Because I cannot be trusted to sketch from memory. I mean, look at what happens when I copy something!

finished product

And this is my finished product! It looks like crap! Quick! Look at the leaf I carved in September!

my leaf - much less crappy looking

Whew. Much better. Now, if I were making an aperture for a regular lens, I think the shape might matter now, but with the Lensbaby, since the image is distorted anyway, it works out OK in the end.

As long as you don’t look too closely.

snowflaky tree lights




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25 12 2010

I love it!!

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