7 Days: Day 5 (Festive)

22 12 2010

7 Days: Day 5 (Festive)

This weather. Oh, this weather. It’s been raining. And I don’t mean just raining. I mean the kind of rain that shuts down half of the city. Granted, this city happens to panic when it starts sprinkling, but this rain was pretty intense. Apparently the San Diego River swelled to a size it has not reached for nearly 30 years. I had totally underestimated the sheer amount of rain we’d get and I assumed that, like nearly every storm we get, it would be clearing up enough that, by Solstice morning, we’d have only scattered showers left to deal with. WRONG.

Our plans with friends were on and off and very confusing and I was honestly really grumping around about it, and when I stopped to reason why, I felt it was because my instincts were trying to keep me in hibernation. I have some big things happening here and they are taking a lot of mental energy to get through. Coupled with some upcoming changes, what I needed right now was to celebrate quietly with my family. And once I resolved to do that, the grumpiness left.

Even though there was no hope of rain, and even though Trader Joe’s failed on providing hash browns, I wanted to do something to mark the sunrise. I had been planning to travel to our old spot above the lake to watch the sky lighten if nothing else, but all the flooding and the threat of funnel clouds (!!!) kept me very close to home. Also, my car doesn’t like it when it rains and it sometimes decides not to steer. My mechanic calls this “normal” but I, personally, feel it is more along the lines of “slightly terrifying”. It only seems to happen in combination of going over a speed bump into a puddle while turning the wheel, so I think we are mostly OK most of the time, but it’s unnerving in any case.

So we rose before the dawn, put on our layers of clothing, and… drove to Denny’s. The one on top of the hill. We did request a window facing the east, just to be closer to our friend Sun. And at the time of the sunrise, we sang him Happy Birthday. We then came home and watched the news for stories about the storm. After a quiet and lovely day at home, and a quiet and lovely nap, we lit the candles at dusk and went around Christmas Circle to see the holiday lights. And that is where my festive photo (from above) comes in (the photo below shows you our spectacular view. Crookedly).

the sunrise

It was a strange Yule, but quite a lovely one. I feel refreshed and energized by the way it turned out, even though the Sun didn’t make a personal appearance (at least not until late in the afternoon). I think this is how one knows when she has found her right spiritual path – when even the small things make her feel so whole again.

Happy Yule, everyone!  If you’d like to hear about our usual Yule celebrations, you can click here to read a piece I was asked to write this week for BlogHer.  Actually, click the link either way.  Because you love me.




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