7 Days: Day 1 (Scary Ghost Stories)

19 12 2010

7 Days: Day 1 (Scary Ghost Stories)

And, you know, tales of the glories (I could go on, but really I am far too intrigued by the rhyme to care about the rest of the line). I stole this thought from Summer. Let me back up.

casa de bandini

The last two runs of 7 Days we’ve begun with a Groupon and I thought we should make it a tradition. And, technically, we used The Daily Save tonight instead, but I call all these saver dealy thingies “Groupons” in the same way I call all adhesive bandages “Band-Aids.”

ghostly summer

Anyway, we had bought a ghostly limo tour of haunted places in San Diego and decided to use that one tonight. Summer reasoned that the song promises us, “Scary ghost stories” so, dammit, we were making that happen.

the archway was built directly over where yankee jim was brutally hanged

Unfortunately, I must have been too ghostly when I booked the tour because they didn’t notice us so we are rescheduled for a full limo tour on New Year’s Eve and tonight we got a lovely walking tour of Old Town with a really cool guy who ended up knowing our high school drama teacher, Jack Tygett (and when I suggested Summer tell him about the letter writing campaign, he said he’d already written his letter!).

telling ghost stories

Long story longer, this is me (well, the first photo, anyway), underneath a haunted light fixture in the Whaley House, one of the most haunted buildings in the US, although I, personally, and probably thankfully, have never felt anything there.

jimmy's grave

Having been through rigorous customer-service training I am kind of a stickler for being treated well. When Starbucks screws up my order and doesn’t offer me a voucher for a free drink, I get pissed off. But this company did exactly as I would have and so I completely forgive them. Despite the fail early in the evening, we had a great night and I utterly enjoyed myself. And now I am looking forward to a great New Year’s Eve with festive, partying ghosts.

And tales of the glories.




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