Turkey Tweets

7 12 2010

My son informed me that Indiana Jones can’t have ice cream or he’ll turn into a bad guy.
1 Nov

FINE THEN. After 3 election calls in the last half hour and at least six yesterday morning, my phone is now off the hook. Hope you’re happy.
1 Nov

PS. I totally wrote “hop your happy” at first and I kind of like that one better.
1 Nov

Oh man. I totally misread today’s Grouon as “Half off Person Cuisine” instead of “Persian”. Feel relieved.
2 Nov

Alex: “NOBODY reminds me of Hermione, because I don’t really know her. You can tweet that if you want to.”
2 Nov

4 Nov

Two mini cauliflower crust pizzas in the oven. Margie is dubious.
5 Nov

ZebraBelly is getting Xbox lessons from my daughter. I feel so.old.
6 Nov

Do you ever find yourself laughing at your kids at inappropriate moments and then when they tell you to stop, you laugh harder? Me neither.
9 Nov

Ok, Orca, you and I are gonna have it out. Dammit. I won’t let the yarn win.
9 Nov

Driver’s side seat belt won’t buckle anymore. Good thing seat belts are just for looks.
9 Nov

*clicky clicky* That’s the sound of my safety!
10 Nov

Dear Universe, this doesn’t mean I need an accident, mkay? Please keep me accident-free. Love, Me
10 Nov

The hardest part of being a parent? Definitely daylight savings.
10 Nov

Margie: You’re my nemesis! Elliott: You’re my dentist!
11 Nov

ZebraBelly just introduced the kids to “You Can Call Me Al.” After much explaining to her, Margie decided the video was “Funny after all.”
12 Nov

Also? Paul Simon reminds me strangely of Steve Burns. Little, musician, bossed around by animated characters…. The list goes on.
12 Nov

ZebraBelly wonders if it’s appropriate to comment on the size of musicians in a public forum? Hope I didn’t just put my foot in my mouth.
12 Nov

Brace yourselves: I broke out the Christmas music two weeks ahead of schedule. I forgive myself.
13 Nov

@fox5sandiego news anchors agree: England is not the US. I could NOT make this up if I tried.
15 Nov

ZebraBelly wants to stab these asshole fruit flies in their tiny, tiny faces.
16 Nov

It’s an odd feeling to know people born in the early 90’s are, like, grownups now. Way to make me feel old, young grownups. Thanks.
17 Nov

I can’t decide which idea is worse: Saw 3D or The Nutcracker 3D.
21 Nov

Is it really too much to expect Harry Potter fans to know how to spell characters’ names when discussing them online? Wait. Don’t answer that.
21 Nov

Banking somehow became SO MUCH MORE confusing now that everything is simpler thanks to the internet.
22 Nov

Someone just drove up to me and offered me a(n office) job. Is this the new thing?
22 Nov

It only took 10 years of marriage and 17 years of knowing me for my husband to realize I have two dimples.
23 Nov

Margie was getting kinda antsy earlier today so I gave her the task of crocheting the tree’s garland. 15ish feet and going strong!
26 Nov

I make a point to admit when I am wrong because that makes me even righter when I am right.
27 Nov

You know what would complete this day? Getting my first ticket. Thanks, National City Police, for coming through on this!
30 Nov

I have repeatedly misread random words as “snodgrass” tonight. This means something.
30 Nov




One response

20 12 2010

There is a Nutrcracker 3d? How the heck did I miss this?!

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