Halloween Foodiness

6 11 2010

Awhile back a friend mentioned making pumpkin spice marshmallows on my Facebook news feed. I had some pumpkin that needed to be used up so I begged her for the recipe and then never got around to making it. So, two weeks later, I went back about 400 pages on Facebook and found the recipe again, along with another for pumpkin caramel sauce. I’d been wanting to try my own caramel sauce and together the two recipes used an entire can of pumpkin so it was clearly Meant to Be.

The marshmallows were super fun to make, but look less attractive than one could hope for. But I was promised pumpkin pie flavor and, indeed, it is pumpkin pie-y delicious. I think I am going to dip the rest in chocolate which I am hoping will enhance the flavor as well as increase the pretty factor. Here’s the recipe. And here’s the photo:

pumpkin pie smarshmallows

Melted in hot chocolate? Yes, please.

cocoa with homemade smarshmallows

Riding on my high from having successfully marshed some mallows, I jumped right in to the caramel sauce. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m bad at following directions. Part of this is because I don’t keep normal people ingredients like sugar, butter or milk in my kitchen. For reasons ranging from allergies to health choices to orneriness, I had to adjust this recipe with rapadura, coconut milk and Earth Balance. I laugh in the face of kitchen science! I was not at all sure how this would work, especially once the rapadura started separating from itself. I nearly gave up, but at this point I’d already wasted all the ingredients anyway, I figured I may as well just stick with it. And I was rewarded with a surprise – it tasted damn good.

pumpkin carmel sauce

So thanks to Guacamoley and her kitchen wisdom. And thanks also to the Kitchen Gods who favored me with good results depsite my utter inability to ever follow directions. I guess they appreciate how cute I am.




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