When I Grow Up, I’m Going to be a Writer. Apparently.

20 10 2010

Of all the careers I ever considered, writing wasn’t one of them. Not that I don’t enjoy it – I do. I think it was simply off my radar as something that a normal person could succeed at. I was taught, essentially, that office jobs are the ones which support you, but anything artistic isn’t possible to make an actual living at. This basic philosophy is, I think, a major part of what’s wrong with society. Or at least a symptom of what’s wrong with it.

Of all the careers I ever considered, activism wasn’t one of them. Nor was feminism. In fact, I did not even consider myself a feminist for most of my life – I wasn’t able to see all that is so unbalanced between the sexes. This is not to say that I was against feminism and thought women should submit to men, I was all for equality. I still am. But the week that I made SOAM public was the week I first began to see how very far women had to go. SOAM literally exploded within days. Exploded. I received tons of e-mails and messages thanking me; women told me how much they needed this, how much hurt was lifted from knowing they weren’t alone. That week changed me in many, many ways. That week I took on the label of Feminist.

And now here I am. I didn’t choose this career so much as it chose me. But it’s not the sort of thing you say no to. Especially when you still get e-mails and messages of thanks on a regular basis.

Most of you probably know this, but I don’t think I have formally announced this here – BlogHer came to me this summer asking if I would join them in a year-long project called Own Your Beauty. Will I? Of course I will! And today my first post is up. Go read it, share your thoughts with me, and then share the link to Own Your Beauty with all the women (and men?) in your life.




3 responses

20 10 2010
ana @ i made it so

congratulations bonnie. i’m glad “it” found you 🙂 read your post today. wishing you all the best in this next step!

20 10 2010
bethany actually

Hooray for figuring out what you want to be when you grow up! 🙂 And thanks for doing such a fantastic job of reminding me and so many others that authenticity IS contagious. I think I’m gonna embroider that on a pillow someday.

20 10 2010

Bonnie, I’ve enjoyed following SOAM over the years; it helped me tremendously when I gave birth to our daughter in 2007. I feel as though I too have come a long way in accepting my body image. Your words of wisdom mean so much to so many of us. Thank you.

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