Oh, I’m living dangerously now!

10 10 2010

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I survived sea kayaking, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve now spent the night in a tent with lightning flashing all around us, of if it’s simply that I know my kids are old enough to not jump out of the sky car, but it appears I’m no longer afraid to ride the Skyfari at the zoo.

my view

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t LOVE it. Well, part of me does. It’s always made me nervous, but I stopped being able to tolerate it at all when I had babies. However illogical, I think it had to do with an instinct to protect my babies – not that other mothers need to respond by avoiding the Skyfari or else they won’t love their babies, just that I think motherhood exacerbates anxieties sometimes and this happens to be (one of) mine.

A few months ago we went to the zoo with some friends who suggested we maybe not take the 45-minute hike up the steep grades back to the front of the zoo, and instead fly gently back in a matter of 3 minutes or so. I could not. Every cell in my body screamed, “NO. HELL NO.” And so, when a different friend suggested it this week, naturally, I responded the same way. Verbally. It took me a few minutes to hear the cells in my body, but this time they were saying, “Eh. Why not?”

“WHAT?” I asked my cells (but not out loud, because that would be crazy).

“Well, yeah. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Um. We could fall to our deaths? End up splattered in the lion’s enclosure?”

“That’s impossible. The Skyfari doesn’t go over the lions.”


“Look at all the babies. They can handle it OK.”

“You tried convincing me of that when I rode the Matterhorn, Cells. And then you screamed the whole way through.”

“No, that wasn’t us. Your LOGIC tried to convince you to ride that one. And when has logic ever served you well? Trust us. We’re your instincts. Remember what Gavin de Becker says about instincts?”

“FINE. We’ll ride. But if I cry again and all the kids at the zoo laugh at me it’s all your fault, Cells.”

And as it turns out, my cells were right. It wasn’t horrible and I didn’t cry. In fact, standing in line was much harder than actually gliding though the sky. By the time we landed, I wasn’t even shaking any more. And what’s more is that I kind of wanted to ride it again.

But just because I’m living on the edge these days doesn’t mean I’m going to befriend escalators any time soon.




6 responses

10 10 2010
bethany actually

I’m proud of you for listening to your cells. 🙂 And happy because maybe someday I’ll get to ride the Skyfari with you! Or does your nervousness extend to other people’s babies too?

10 10 2010
ana @ i made it so

aw, come visit me. we’ll go up the c.n. tower, you can stand on the glass floor! it’s safe-ish, i hear 😉 i survived.

10 10 2010

Three cheers for you and your amazing cells!
My “thing” is boats. I can’t get myself to take Noah whale watching (or couldn’t last winter, when my sister did it). I just couldn’t imagine any scenario where I could save Noah if the boat capsized or sank.

10 10 2010

@Bethany – I think I could probably handle that. Although I did have a moment of panic where my friend offered to take Elliott in her car – despite the fact that I trust this friend so much I’ve considered her as someone to take the kids if something horrible happens to Alex and I, but here I was afraid of how she’d handle him in the sky car. Heh.

@Sonja – I can’t take my kids whale watching yet, either. Margie by herself maybe (of course then I’d wonder what Elliott would do without us if we died – my brain is painful to live in), but definitely NOT Elliott. Only recently have I considered taking him to the Star of India and that ship doesn’t even sail (usually).

@Ana – Hrm. No. I’ll wave at you from the bottom. Which is what I did at the Eiffel Tower, too. I did go to the infinity room at the House on the Rock when I was 12. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/2254 That should count for life, I think.

11 10 2010

How do you your cells feel about ski lifts? Because mine say, “FU, woman.”
It’s kind of the same thing. Only worse. Much, much worse. I can handle the skyfari. My aunt was on the buckets at Disneyland when they fell years and years ago. She didn’t even get hurt. So, I am assuming that falling in a bucket is a totally safe endeavor. Ski lifts? Not so much.

11 10 2010

I don’t ski, but if I did, you can bet I’d be walking my ass up that hill.

But WHAT? ALL the buckets fell? I know a lot about random accidents and deaths at Disneyland – I even remember when I guy fell out of a bucket or the bucket fell or something in 94 – but I don’t remember when ALL the buckets fell. Elaborate, please!

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