I’m on a Shoe High

29 09 2010

Last weekend we went to our very first R.E.I. Used Gear Sale. We went hoping we might find some camping stuff, and we did. But the BEST part were the shoes. I found two pairs of new-looking shoes in my size, even, for prices so low I can’t say them out loud. Just kidding. I totally can. But I have to shout them because they ARE SO AWESOME.

I don’t know why they were returned – if they didn’t fit these womens’ feet very well, or if it was just buyers remorse or if maybe The Universe just loves me THAT MUCH. But you won’t see me complaining. Instead you will see me showing off my super cute new shoes.

The first pair I spotted was a pair of Mary Janes. I have been obsessed with Mary Janes since Grunge and even though I don’t tie flannels around my waist anymore, I still have several pairs of MJ’s at any given moment. I can’t help myself. I’ve been wanting a pair that was sturdy and good for walking, but still cute and these seemed like the right ones. They were marked at $5. For essentially new shoes with no defects. That’s better than Target clearance, my friends! But when I got home and looked them up, I nearly peed my pants when I saw that the original price is $85. EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS. EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS. So I bought these shoes at something like 90% off? And that is when I fainted.

The second pair were some Keen sandals marked at $10. These turned out to be $95 shoes. And then I fainted some more.

The moral of the story is that I will never miss another R.E.I. Used Gear Sale. Also now that I’ve said this all out loud, I’ll probably never find another great deal. Go knock more wood! Quick!




4 responses

29 09 2010
ana @ i made it so

you know they don’t match right? maybe that’s why they were so cheap?


(can i have your yellow pair now?)

29 09 2010

Huh. I guess I should really go to the next used gear sale!

29 09 2010

lucky duck!! šŸ™‚ They look great on your feet!

30 09 2010

I’d just sat down from the other post, woman! Then I had to get up again and knock on wood again. At least I didn’t injure myself this time, so you don’t have that on your conscience for a second time.

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