I’m Overweight! Finally!

27 09 2010

i'm overweight! this is a good thing!

Very long and utterly boring story short: I’ve struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I graduated high school at about 160 pounds, naturally thinking I was completely massive since I was lead to believe by the media that women should weigh 125 pounds at most. In my adult life I have never gotten below 173. I don’t know if I could or should weigh less than that, but it’s always felt pretty good to be that weight. I’m older and wiser now about scales and BMI’s and all the other stupid ways to measure health that really don’t measure health at all, so weighing 173 sounds just perfect as long as I feel good. My weight, though, has fluctuated between 173 and 235 pounds for the last 10 years (not counting pregnancy weight which actually got up to about 250 with my first baby).

Ever since the birth of my son, I’ve been slowly gaining and gaining no matter what I do. I’ve spent months walking 1-3 miles 3-4 times a week. I’ve cut out all sugar for weeks. I was so frustrated since I feel like I should have seen at least SOME change with that. I wasn’t necessarily expecting a 60 pound loss right away, but some sign that my body was getting the message would have been nice. Instead I gained. Slowly. Continually. Relentlessly. I work hard on loving my body but, damn, it’s hard to do when it’s just.not.working. And it wasn’t just weight – there were all sorts of other issues which are beginning to be resolved now in various ways. But this entry is about the weight part of it.

I don’t know enough to advocate the Blood Type Diet as something to follow or not, but I do remember having a very psychic moment with it about five years ago. Baby Elliott was asleep on my chest and I had gone out to eat with some friends of mine. Melissa had brought the book along and we all looked up our blood types and found it to be oddly accurate for our life experiences. In my case, it said gluten would cause weight gain, and I remembered back to about a year and a half before to when Margie (and I, by way of breastfeeding) had been gluten-free for two months. I lost 10 pounds that second month without doing anything differently.

So when we finally removed gluten from my daughter’s diet last year due to a blood test confirming a sensitivity, I decided to go along for the ride myself. At first there was no change. I was frustrated. But right around the time we’d been gluten-free for six months, I started losing weight. All spring I dropped pound after pound without too much other change in my lifestyle since I already eat well and try to exercise regularly. I didn’t mention it, though, because I was certain it would hear me and come right back with friends. When people asked about it, I made them talk in whispers and then knock wood. I’m still pretty nervous to put this out there. Dear Universe, please don’t make the weight come back inexplicably!

Anyway, I’m now down 30 pounds (knock wood! You, too. Now, please!) and promised myself that as soon as the scale dropped below 200 I’d write about it. And the other day I climbed on the WiiFit and, instead of hearing, “That’s obese!” (The WiiFit is oddly upbeat about obesity) the words were different: “That’s overweight!” I did a double-take, I was so used to hearing those other words. Now, I also weigh myself every other week at my acupuncturist’s office and the two scales are pretty much exactly 10 pounds apart, putting me at not yet under 200 according to that scale. But who are you gonna trust? A health care practitioner’s scale or a video game placed on carpet? Right. Totally the video game.




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27 09 2010
bethany actually

I totally knocked on my dining room table for you when you asked me to knock on wood. And NOW the being-overweight-is-a-good-thing makes TOTAL sense. 🙂

That had to be incredibly frustrating to be doing all the “right” things and yet not losing any weight, and even gaining. I’m so happy that you figured out something else was going on with your body, and that it seems to be responding to what you’re doing now! Even if living GF can be a challenge at times, it has to be so much easier when you see things like this happening.

27 09 2010

I knocked on particle board. So if anything goes awry it is totally my fault!

27 09 2010

Oh don’t tell me that! I am pretty sure knocking on particle board is offensive to the knock on tree gods. So just say you knocked wood. I am very superstitious about this. It’s part of what makes me so cute.

27 09 2010

Don’t worry! I found some real wood and knocked on that twice. Once to cancel out the particle board and once for you.

27 09 2010

*phew!* Thanks! Hee!

27 09 2010

that is awesome!! 🙂

27 09 2010

I knocked on my kitchen door. It was the closest wood around.
I get the excitement now. Huzzah! I mean that in an understated way, of course (as a matter of fact, I typed that in a whisper). Nothing to be concerned about… I’ll knock on wood again.

27 09 2010

Ooooh, I’m happy to hear that Vickii’s scale is 10 pounds overweight. Ha, those health care practitioners must be in on it together, because Adema’s scale says I’m the exact same weight as Vickii’s. Looks like I’m gonna have to get me one of them Wii thingys.

27 09 2010

I read about my blood type and disagreed with everything he said. But then he said to cut out wheat and dairy, and I have to say that my 3-ish (so far) dairy-free weeks have been really good, health-wise.
So now I don’t know what to think.

30 09 2010

You don’t mess with wood-knocking and though laminate will do for me, on reading that it won’t for you I got up and knocked on the cupboard door. My now injured knuckle says hi. The rest of me congratulates you on happy progress.

1 10 2010

Congrats! That is awesome (and I’m definitely whispering this too~ I’m strangely superstitious about these things as well).

Our scale at home was off from Vickii’s too (hers was higher), so I always felt I’d gained a large amount when I went in for my first visit. All those 2 times you know lol.

4 10 2010

Woohoo! *knock on wood* That’s brilliant! So glad you found something that works for you. That’s the thing, everyone’s body works differently and it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what your body needs more/less of in order to lose some weight. I struggled with weight for about 15yrs and nothing worked, I couldn’t shift the weight no matter what I tried. Then I made a number of changes gradually over the course of a couple years, and I lost 27kg (close to 60lb). So you can do it, rooting for you! 🙂 (note to self, I can’t remember my blood type, I should probably sort that out)

5 10 2010

Congratulations! That is such a huge accomplishment.

I like to think of weight loss in terms of how many kids that would be. (It’s part of what makes *me* so cute.) You lost an entire 3 year old! Good job!

5 10 2010

HAHA! I just hope no one finds him/her and brings him/her back!

5 10 2010

OR! Maybe I lost several babies. That sounds like a greater accomplishment. I mean. Three-year-olds are ALWAYS wandering off, but newborns stay put so if you lose them you must be REALLY good at losing babies.

Which reminds me that while I was pregnant I always had dreams I left the babies in drawers and forgot them. So I will NEVER open a drawer again just in case I find one of my missing babies.

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