7 Days: Day 6 (It Was a 7 Days Kind of Week in My Mailbox)

23 09 2010

7 Days: Day 5 (It was a 7 Days sort of week in my mailbox)

With a mix tape CD from Bex and a postcard from Bethany. AND, as it turns out, the photo has cameos from Jen*Howard’s shirt (well, actually one just like it – not her ACTUAL shirt) and a necklace similar to one Bex wore earlier this week.

Bex, the CD is awesome. I’m so glad you read my mind and put so many songs from my wishlist on the CD. “Tiny Dancer” and that one from the Amazon commercials among others.

Bethany, the card was sweet (on the back) and snarky (on the front) and this reminds me that I got your card while you were here, too. Thank you for that one – did Brenda paint it?

♥ Thanks guys!



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