7 Days: Day 5 (Mabon)

22 09 2010

7 Days: Day 5 (Mabon)

At Mabon we celebrate the NEW season of autumn. (Today’s 7 Days theme is “New.”) Today in the southern hemisphere the holiday is Ostara, related to Easter.

We had planned to gather with our friends but they were dropping like flies with various illnesses and so instead of meeting for a small circle in the park, I took the kids to the home of the last remaining healthy family. The kids did a page in their art journals (this friend also teaches our art class), and we had a small circle where we talked about the holiday and what it means in our lives. Margie talked about how she had learned to knit over the last year. Elliott shared that the Harvest was about picking apples, and I talked about balance which is extremely relevant to the equinox and which I am always striving for in my life.

We came home to a feast and of roast beef and, naturally, tater tots (what? that’s gourmet).

I sat down to take in the peace of the night’s candles and took a few shots with the Lensbaby and the leaf-shaped aperture I’d made the other day. Creative apertures are totally the best thing ever.




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