7 Days: Day 2 (An Old Town) (Or Apple Picking)

19 09 2010

7 Days: Day 2 (An Old Town)

But not THE Old Town.

Each year before Mabon we go pick apples in Julian, a historic mining town in the mountains here. When we are done eating our way through the orchard we head into town for a bite to eat and some shopping. Sadly their regular apple cider wasn’t available yet this year so we left without any. We did have a successful trip to the candy store, though.

In these photos, I’ve tried to share my favorite parts of the town – the trees and autumn-y nature (the nature looked slightly more autumn-y than the picture and certainly more so than the city), and the historic buildings that line the streets.

Last night I sat down and created a leaf-shaped aperture for the Lensbaby (which, if I were a good blogger, I’d have a picture of to show you – I’ll owe you, OK?). Here are some of my favorite results from today. (If you don’t know what you are looking for, it’s the leaf-shaped spots around the edges – some are more obvious than others.)


apple leaves





3 responses

19 09 2010

“eye to the sky” … love the shots. and the angles in the first two especially.

19 09 2010
bethany actually

I can’t believe I lived in San Diego for five years total…and I never went apple-picking in Julian. I even lived nearish Julian both times! Then again, I did go to Nebraska City for similar apple-themed activities and admiring the awesome fall colors in all the trees (Nebraska City is the home of Arbor Day, you know!) every year that I lived in Omaha growing up…so maybe it balances out. Maybe?

The leaf-shaped aperture is way cool. I’ve been meaning to try making my own aperture one of these days.

19 09 2010

Wow! Those are really pretty shots. They make me want to go apple picking!

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