Look at Me, I Am on a Boat

12 09 2010


Last night we took the kids on the Bahia Belle thanks to a Groupon. We’d been on this boat before, after prom. FTR, he took someone else and I went stag because I am just that awesome (that’s not sarcasm, that’s pride at my mad feminist skillz). Unfortunately, it turns out that being stuck on a boat for 3 hours in the middle of the cold night with about 30 other students who are mostly annoying is not really fun, so when I first proposed this trip to The Husband, he was dubious. But in this case, we were not stuck on the boat, it was only a one-hour trip, and there were no irritating classmates with unusual numbers of earlobes to ruin things. So we went and – yes! – it was fun. Because I am always right. (And humble.)

leaving the other boat behind

one boy


night falls






7 responses

12 09 2010
bethany actually

Fun! When we lived in San Diego the first time, we took visiting friends and family on the 1- and 2-hour Harbor Cruises many times…13 times, to be exact. Crusing around in a boat is fun! I never did it at night, though. I’m glad it was more enjoyable that your last cruise. 🙂

13 09 2010

Please explain the earlobe thing. Because I’m intrigued. And curious.

13 09 2010

Unusual number of earlobes?

13 09 2010

Two sets. And extra one behind the normal one. As I told Alex the other night, this could have been considered a cool feature, but she was evil so we attributed that to the extras.

13 09 2010

*An extra

Sorry. Too early.

15 09 2010

That would look interesting with an unusual number of piercings.

18 09 2010

Sounds kind of gross. I’m not very open-minded about superfluous body parts, esp ones that can be considered ‘facial’.

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