10 09 2010

I’ll start with the yellow shoes. Just so Ana can finish reading an entry.

yellow shoes

I particularly like it how the trash that the neighbor kids throw in my front yard is hardly recognizable for what it is.

Today the kids and I went to Balboa Park and used our Groupon for a Museum of Man family membership. I took these there. (I also took a nap* in the Egyptian play room. Turns out Friday mornings at museums ROCK. For napping, I mean. Not for, like, partying.)

museum of man

And then two selfies to remind you about the upcoming 7 Days Run. Yippee!!!

Extreme MySpace angle – very flattering.

How about some food?


And, lastly, two shots from a recent trip to the movie theater.



Wait, no, there’s more! Oh, turns out I haven’t uploaded them yet. Please wait. Enjoy some Muzak.

do dee doo do de dee doo de doo doo

OK, we’re back! With more photos from Balboa Park! This time at night! I’m really excited!

Those fancy lamps always remind me of torture, now that I think about it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the chains and the general medieval look, or if it’s because I once saw an exhibit on torture at Balboa Park.

This post has been brought to you by Hipstamatic and a slightly loopy Zebra.

*That’s a total lie. I didn’t nap. I just laid down on the bed for 20 minutes and wished I was napping.




6 responses

10 09 2010

what that’s it? no background? no birth story? you subject me to photos of your mangled foot along with the gorey details and yet you wont tell me where you got your lovely shoes? are they cloth? it’s hard to tell. and what trash? how am i *ever* supposed to get past your first paragraphs when you leave so many questions unanswered? or… is that part of your plan? you evil torturess! diabolical. i bet you that lamp hangs in your home somewhere!

10 09 2010

FINE. Perhaps this is the info you are looking for?

10 09 2010

Oh, I got so excited that I made the HTML work right that I forgot to say how very funny you are, Ima.

11 09 2010
bethany actually

I was thinking, when I saw the photos of the lamps on Flickr, that the Hipstamatic app made them look very moody and pretty. Now all I can think of is torture chambers. Thanks, dude.

Also, now I’m all sad that I don’t get to take self-portraits in reflective surfaces in Balboa Park. Boo-hoo.

Despite my words, I’m actually in a good mood and not blaming you for my brain! Sorry, I know that makes no sense. I have not had coffee yet today.

11 09 2010

you two are so cute šŸ™‚ I love the shots, B!

11 09 2010

finally we’re getting somewhere!

so, that’s unfortunate. those stores don’t exist here. what a steal! ima wears size 8.5 wide, in case you ever take yourself up on that offer to move to the north pole. (may need some mukluks too, if you’re shoe shopping. might be a bit nippy for you)…

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