I’m a Graceful Dancer

8 09 2010

chicken dance polka

Just last Friday I was watching the new Alice in Wonderland and wondering why it’s not a part of basic societal standards to have to know how to dance well enough to move in a relatively coordinated fashion with a floor full of people who know the same moves you do. I mean, yeah, I do a mean Cabbage Patch and all, but as for being one with my dance floor partners? Well, I can’t even do the electric slide.

But! I know the Chicken Dance!

I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck

And boy did Sonja and I rock it.

On Saturday we went back to Sonja’s house for Bethany’s baby shower, and to say goodbye until her next visit here. *sniff* The shower was fan-tas-tic, and Brenda wrote about it here better than I ever could. So I’ll just leave you with this evidence of my mad dance skillz. Thanks to Brenda and Summer for the photos.




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8 09 2010

As a lapsed contra-dancer, I can definitely agree that it is really cool when everyone around you is doing the same dance as you are. And also having recently attended an event where there were lots of tweens and teens, I can tell you that the ones I observed all knew specific dances to a lot of songs (like the electric slide).

8 09 2010
bethany actually

I used to square dance in grade school as part of gym class. At the time we all rolled our eyes and called it dorky, but even then I secretly thought it was super fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

8 09 2010
ana @ i made it so

sorry. couldn’t get past the awesome yellow shoes. post a photo of the yellow shoes so i can have my fill, and then i will resume reading the rest of the post.

9 09 2010

You’re all crazy. Good crazy though.

9 09 2010

I have seen the yellow shoes and I agree. They are awesome!

Also, I have movie footage of this dancing. I just need a new laptop and to understand imovie better so I can edit out my annoying voice!

9 09 2010

Oh that’s not fair, Brenda! Editing out your voice but sharing video of our CHICKEN DANCE? Heh.

9 09 2010

You know I took ballroom dancing lessons for years when I was a teenager. I LOVED it.

10 09 2010

You do rock the chicken dance. Awesome.

And I want to steal that dress right off of Sonja’s back. It is gorgeous.

10 09 2010
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11 09 2010
bethany actually» Blog Archive » dance party in photo form

[…] a little taste of the dotty baby shower for you, already blogged by Brenda and Bonnie, and Flickred by Summer and Katie as well. I’ll post many more photos as soon as I finish […]

12 09 2010

Clarabelle learned square dancing last year in second grade, ha! My mom was so excited because they did the same when she was in school. I didn’t learn any dancing, boo! Oh, and Clarabelle also learned the Mexican Hat Dance in Kinder.

That was a fun party and I really enjoyed watching you and Sonja dance ๐Ÿ™‚

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