Bethany, Day 2

2 09 2010

In which I actually get only one photo of Bethany and none of Annalie. I think I must have a crush on Sonja and Noah or something.

sonja the photobomber

(Actually, after reviewing this photo, I KNOW I have a crush on Sonja.)

bethany and noah take pictures

Yesterday we met Bethany, Brenda, Sonja and their respective offspring in Old Town for lunch. I love Old Town. I don’t think I’ve ever had bad food in Old Town. I always love carne asada, but when I have it in Old Town, I wonder WTF I ever eat at Robertos. I also love the art and architecture and music in Old Town, and back in my gluteny days, I loved buying fresh tortillas handmade while you watch.

brenda & bug get pennies

After lunch the kids all got free candy and we wandered down into what Bethany refers to as Old Town Proper. I had to have her explain the meaning of that to me because, at least as far as I am aware, it’s not a term used in San Diego. I’ve heard it before, but thought it had to do with the East Coast or maybe Old Timey Times. San Diego is really boring when it comes to things like that. We could do with some more Fancy. So Old Town Proper it is. And while I’m at it, I don’t know what a Sound is, but I think it has to do with water. We have water. We want a Sound.

my boy climbed a tree!

Oh right. Old Town. I almost forgot. So we wandered briefly through the free museum in the center of the park and out into the grassy Square (which is more of a rectangle, so maybe that’s something Fancy I never even noticed?) where the kids climbed in trees, played ring around the rosy in a covered wagon (what? that’s normal.), and took turns twirling Annalie’s parasol (which I don’t actually have a picture of. It’s bright orange. You can imagine it).

ring around the rosey

And just like that we’d spent more than our alloted 2 hours in the parking garage under the cafe so we took a quick group photo (also do not have evidence of this, stay tuned to Bethany’s photostream for that) and said goodbye for a few days until our last visit this time around.


PS. If you ever leave me in charge of your toddler and he puts a bunch of sticks off the ground into his mouth, I will very helpfully take photos. Luckily for me, when I related this to his mama, she only briefly grimaced before confirming with me that I grabbed a snapshot. So she can bribe him as a teenager, I presume.

noah boosting his immune system




3 responses

2 09 2010

Sounds to me like in respect to SD being from CV makes you a country girl. 😉

2 09 2010

I think I’d have just photographed Noah eating sticks too. But I don’t have children, so I have an excuse 😉

2 09 2010

“I’ve heard it before, but thought it had to do with the East Coast or maybe Old Timey Times.”
I less-than-three you.

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