Actually, I’d Think it Would be Obvious to You.

27 08 2010

What? You want more than two entries this month? Picky people. Well, you’re lucky, then, that Bethany came to town! And by “town” I mean “two hours away.” But she did come down here yesterday, along with Sonja. We spent four years trying to meet up without it happening, and now here we are hanging out twice in one month? Cool.

friends :)

We met Elaine, Summer, and the two aforementioned bloggers in Zoro Garden in Balboa Park. Zoro Garden is, of course, the nudist colony. Or it was 75 years ago. Whatever. Now it’s a lovely, quiet, shady butterfly garden buried in a little nook near the Science Center. I was praised for choosing such a cool spot on such a hot day by everyone except Sonja who was cursing me as her two-year-old scaled six-foot 90-year-old rocky walls.

sliding down dirt hills

After the kids spent two hours sliding down dirt hills we decided to throw them into the fountain to wash off. I mean. We didn’t bathe them or anything. Just their feet.

washing in the fountain

And then we drove across town to Snail Mountain. I’ve clearly not been there enough since I took the wrong turn twice. My sweet daughter told me, helpfully, from the back seat, “Mom, you get lost EVERY TIME we come here. *rolls eyes*” And yet, she is right. On this particular day, we were heading up a road too narrow for two cars to pass side-by-side, and at one time, I came upon a large truck towing a trailer, so I was forced to back up into some rich person’s driveway (thank you, Rich Person), and after the truck passed, the car which had been behind me gave me a friendly wave as it passed. So I followed it. Cause it probably knew where I was going. The driver turned out to be Elaine who knew where I was going just about as well as I did, but we figured it out somehow and made it to the top to meet our friends.

five kids

elaine and her girls on the edge of the world

Up there the kids stood on the edge of the world and took a small hike. Mostly I took deep breaths and tried not to pass out at the thought of one kid or another falling. It would have only been a four-foot fall, but I’m afraid of heights. So there.

painting with friends

As if all that wasn’t busy enough, we went over to the mall to paint pottery. This was the first time my son was really interested in it, and once I’d talked him out of his first choice (a creepy alien head I simply could not bear to have in my house) he worked really hard painting a cup which he will use for, “Only Juice.”

elliott's cup

My daughter worked on a moose. Or a reindeer. Or something. All the other moms agreed that they make their kids paint useful things like dishes at least half the time they go. So I used peer pressure to my advantage and next time she promises to paint a plate.

margie's...  moose?  reindeer?

I decided I wanted to do something small so I could focus on the kids and camera (all but one of my pictures came out SUPER crappy, though, so it was pointless, I guess) and I grabbed a little disc that will become a necklace. I don’t remember now how I came to the conclusion, but I decided to paint a double rainbow on it and have Bethany do the lettering for me. This makes me either a cool geek, or a loser geek, but I’m pretty sure I’m a geek either way.

what does it mean???

After a quick dinner in the food court, we came home and crashed (after hosing the rest of the dirt off the kids). It was such a lovely day, I spent the whole evening smiling. We’ll see more of Bethany before she leaves town, so be prepared for at least one more entry this month. Yay you!

PS. The words of the day were, “actually” and “obviously.” Hence the entry title.




9 responses

27 08 2010

what a fun day 🙂

27 08 2010

It’s actually pretty obvious that I didn’t really curse you. Because I love you.

27 08 2010

I actually did now that. Obviously. 😉

27 08 2010

KNOW. I actually know how to spell “know”. Obviously. ALSO? I know the period is supposed to go inside the quotes, but that’s bullshit and I like my way better.

27 08 2010

I actually spoo’ed coffee at the double rainbow, obviously your new obssession.

27 08 2010

FTR, you guys, I am slow and every time someone says “actually” or “obviously,” I don’t notice for a few minutes. Actually.

27 08 2010

You’d think it’d be obvious.

27 08 2010
ana @ i made it so

i’m with jess, it looks like fun. i like the photo of the 5 kids on the rocky wall with the sun in the back.

29 08 2010

But WHAT DOES IT (actually) MEAN?

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