What I Learned About Camping

13 08 2010

view from the tent

Yellow jackets are a likely source for the original idea of Satan. They are not ashamed of begging for your food and will follow you and land on you until you scream and/or fling your damn bagel just so they’ll leave you alone.

The sunset turns the boulder-spotted mountains surrounding you pink. It is spectacular. All the way.

The ground isn’t so uncomfortable.

by the light of the campfire

It gets alarmingly cold at night in the desert. Don’t let the lovely evenings fool you; by midnight you’ll be shuffling back to the car in the dark to dig out the other blankets.

The Milky Way is far more glittering and fantastic than you remembered.  The night sky, unhindered by city lights, never fails to amaze.

Waking up two young children at 3am to watch shooting stars is, actually, the best idea ever. No sarcasm here. It was simply wonderful.

tent in the dark

Just because San Diego doesn’t have bears doesn’t mean you should leave scraps of food around. We were visited by coyotes or foxes, raccoons, and in the early morning hours, a murder of crows.

Thinking it would be awesome to wake everyone up by yelling about the murder of crows will get you called a nerd by your husband. But probably because you did not act on this idea. If you had, you would likely have been called worse things.

our morning view

Roasted scorched marshmallows make a fantastic breakfast.

It is probably wiser to go for your morning walk amongst the fire ants in hiking shoes instead of flip flops. This was not, thankfully, learned the hard way. It is merely an observation (that will likely go unheeded in the future).

rock climb and contemplation

Giant boulders sparkle like vampires in the sun.

There is great power in rocks of the earth, but even more so when they have formed themselves into a sort of natural Stonehenge.

sort of a natural stonehenge

No amount of coffee will wake you up after a night of little sleep when the weather is dry.

Lunch inside a sweltering tent is way better than being mobbed, again, by yellow jackets. Sweating will always win over those jerks.

Camping, even for just one night, is worth every bit of hard work. Every bit.

backside of leaves




11 responses

13 08 2010
bethany actually

“MIURDER! Murder! There’s a murder…of crows outside the tent, come and see!!!”


13 08 2010

This is what I know about camping:
You are MUCH younger than I am. MUCH.

13 08 2010

And by that I mean that you are not the old, tired and cranky woman I have become.
I was tired just reading about your trip.

13 08 2010

fantastic bonnie! this is a great post… a perfect balance of sentiment, sarcasm and smartassery.

(i giggled at the image of you sweltering in the tent, avoiding yellow jackets…they are so annoying!)

13 08 2010

You touched on most everything I have always loved about camping. My dad used to take us to the Grand Canyon every year for the Persieds. I miss that. We’d just roll our sleeping bags out on the ground and count shooting stars until we finally fell asleep.

14 08 2010

you totally lost me as soon as you mentioned yellow jackets. My one true fear. Maybe its a good thing I don’t camp often.

15 08 2010

What a brilliant reason to go camping – and in turn a brilliant way to watch the shower. I applaud you. But not the yellow jackets.

18 08 2010

Yay! You went! Camping is the best idea ever.

Except in winter. Then it’s just stupid. This is what I have learned from camping.

Also? I snorted with laughter over your sparkly rocks are like vampires line. Hee!

19 08 2010

I knew you’d be proud of me. 😉

31 08 2010

You know I always bitch about camping and then end up having a great time. And the kids, I feel like that’s what they’ll remember. Not the disneyland trips or the trips to the park or ice cream or even the fancy vacations when we eventually have them. Camping, that’s what will stick.

20 08 2011
And then we went camping. « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] I love camping. LOVE. Even when Mother Nature’s all scary n shit. So to say I was dreading this trip is indication of just how shitty life is right now. I had multiple panic attacks and finally a breakdown on the morning of the trip so, as leader of the Camp Fire Club we were camping with, I didn’t make most of my promises to the group happen, but my friends forgave me. Thank god I have such wonderful friends. Anyway, we showed up. And, while it took me a long while to finally feel the effects of Mother Nature on my psyche, by the time we had to leave in the morning, I was sad to say goodbye. […]

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