Actually, I’d Think it Would be Obvious to You.

27 08 2010

What? You want more than two entries this month? Picky people. Well, you’re lucky, then, that Bethany came to town! And by “town” I mean “two hours away.” But she did come down here yesterday, along with Sonja. We spent four years trying to meet up without it happening, and now here we are hanging out twice in one month? Cool.

friends :)

We met Elaine, Summer, and the two aforementioned bloggers in Zoro Garden in Balboa Park. Zoro Garden is, of course, the nudist colony. Or it was 75 years ago. Whatever. Now it’s a lovely, quiet, shady butterfly garden buried in a little nook near the Science Center. I was praised for choosing such a cool spot on such a hot day by everyone except Sonja who was cursing me as her two-year-old scaled six-foot 90-year-old rocky walls.

sliding down dirt hills

After the kids spent two hours sliding down dirt hills we decided to throw them into the fountain to wash off. I mean. We didn’t bathe them or anything. Just their feet.

washing in the fountain

And then we drove across town to Snail Mountain. I’ve clearly not been there enough since I took the wrong turn twice. My sweet daughter told me, helpfully, from the back seat, “Mom, you get lost EVERY TIME we come here. *rolls eyes*” And yet, she is right. On this particular day, we were heading up a road too narrow for two cars to pass side-by-side, and at one time, I came upon a large truck towing a trailer, so I was forced to back up into some rich person’s driveway (thank you, Rich Person), and after the truck passed, the car which had been behind me gave me a friendly wave as it passed. So I followed it. Cause it probably knew where I was going. The driver turned out to be Elaine who knew where I was going just about as well as I did, but we figured it out somehow and made it to the top to meet our friends.

five kids

elaine and her girls on the edge of the world

Up there the kids stood on the edge of the world and took a small hike. Mostly I took deep breaths and tried not to pass out at the thought of one kid or another falling. It would have only been a four-foot fall, but I’m afraid of heights. So there.

painting with friends

As if all that wasn’t busy enough, we went over to the mall to paint pottery. This was the first time my son was really interested in it, and once I’d talked him out of his first choice (a creepy alien head I simply could not bear to have in my house) he worked really hard painting a cup which he will use for, “Only Juice.”

elliott's cup

My daughter worked on a moose. Or a reindeer. Or something. All the other moms agreed that they make their kids paint useful things like dishes at least half the time they go. So I used peer pressure to my advantage and next time she promises to paint a plate.

margie's...  moose?  reindeer?

I decided I wanted to do something small so I could focus on the kids and camera (all but one of my pictures came out SUPER crappy, though, so it was pointless, I guess) and I grabbed a little disc that will become a necklace. I don’t remember now how I came to the conclusion, but I decided to paint a double rainbow on it and have Bethany do the lettering for me. This makes me either a cool geek, or a loser geek, but I’m pretty sure I’m a geek either way.

what does it mean???

After a quick dinner in the food court, we came home and crashed (after hosing the rest of the dirt off the kids). It was such a lovely day, I spent the whole evening smiling. We’ll see more of Bethany before she leaves town, so be prepared for at least one more entry this month. Yay you!

PS. The words of the day were, “actually” and “obviously.” Hence the entry title.


What I Learned About Camping

13 08 2010

view from the tent

Yellow jackets are a likely source for the original idea of Satan. They are not ashamed of begging for your food and will follow you and land on you until you scream and/or fling your damn bagel just so they’ll leave you alone.

The sunset turns the boulder-spotted mountains surrounding you pink. It is spectacular. All the way.

The ground isn’t so uncomfortable.

by the light of the campfire

It gets alarmingly cold at night in the desert. Don’t let the lovely evenings fool you; by midnight you’ll be shuffling back to the car in the dark to dig out the other blankets.

The Milky Way is far more glittering and fantastic than you remembered.  The night sky, unhindered by city lights, never fails to amaze.

Waking up two young children at 3am to watch shooting stars is, actually, the best idea ever. No sarcasm here. It was simply wonderful.

tent in the dark

Just because San Diego doesn’t have bears doesn’t mean you should leave scraps of food around. We were visited by coyotes or foxes, raccoons, and in the early morning hours, a murder of crows.

Thinking it would be awesome to wake everyone up by yelling about the murder of crows will get you called a nerd by your husband. But probably because you did not act on this idea. If you had, you would likely have been called worse things.

our morning view

Roasted scorched marshmallows make a fantastic breakfast.

It is probably wiser to go for your morning walk amongst the fire ants in hiking shoes instead of flip flops. This was not, thankfully, learned the hard way. It is merely an observation (that will likely go unheeded in the future).

rock climb and contemplation

Giant boulders sparkle like vampires in the sun.

There is great power in rocks of the earth, but even more so when they have formed themselves into a sort of natural Stonehenge.

sort of a natural stonehenge

No amount of coffee will wake you up after a night of little sleep when the weather is dry.

Lunch inside a sweltering tent is way better than being mobbed, again, by yellow jackets. Sweating will always win over those jerks.

Camping, even for just one night, is worth every bit of hard work. Every bit.

backside of leaves

Tweets of July (In a timely-ish fashion)

2 08 2010

Elliott: WOAH! The pee went fireworks!
11:54 AM Jul 1st via web

My son just pitched a fit when I put on patriotic music instead of TMBG. Clearly, he is a socialist.
1:13 PM Jul 1st via Twitter for iPhone

Honestly, lady, no matter how many times you call my cell phone, GLORIA WILL NOT ANSWER IT.
4:22 PM Jul 3rd via web

Words I never thought I’d have to say: “Margie please stop barking out the window at the neighbor kids.”
Sat Jul 03 2010 20:54:49 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Elliott, after sniffing my cheek: You smell very educational!
Sun Jul 04 2010 10:55:54 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

In-N-Out Burger is now approved by my kids. I think my life is complete now.
Sun Jul 04 2010 12:17:18 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

Hike at Mission Trails today was even more of a WIN than last week. Grilling, frappuccino, fireworks later (hopefully). It’s a good day.
Sun Jul 04 2010 18:51:34 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Elliott and I have found a compromise: I can’t say no to a gun that shoots out money instead of hurting people. In fact, will someone invent that?
Wed Jul 07 2010 13:25:46 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Wed Jul 07 2010 16:55:19 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast? Oh yes I did. Served, naturally, with frozen waffles.
Sat Jul 10 2010 09:08:25 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

ZebraBelly just entertained the kids by letting them give me a massage. WIN.
Tue Jul 13 2010 13:04:24 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

ZebraBelly is leavin’ on a jet plane. Just kidding. It’s totally a car.
Thu Jul 15 2010 12:59:42 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

Pee stop. Already. And I can’t even blame the kids. *sigh*
Thu Jul 15 2010 14:17:29 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

102 degrees. That. Is. All.
Fri Jul 16 2010 12:29:13 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

Today I learned that installing a car seat using oven mitts is pretty awkward, actually. #102degreestoday #traumatized
Fri Jul 16 2010 21:37:18 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Today I learned that salsa splatters FAR.
Fri Jul 16 2010 21:37:54 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Dear weather, somewhere between freezing and roasting alive would be nice. Thx.
Sun Jul 18 2010 13:40:50 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

The husband is watching videos on YouTube to learn how to install a new radiator. I feel afraid.
Sun Jul 18 2010 19:18:00 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Summer fruit cobbler for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes, please.
Sun Jul 18 2010 19:38:01 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

My acupuncturist informs me that the best sleep occurs if you go to bed before 11. She totally mean AM, right? Zzzzzzzz.
Tue Jul 20 2010 10:19:08 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

My car was uncooperatively cooperative at the mechanic.
Tue Jul 20 2010 16:56:32 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Alex just called to tell me he walked past Pauly Shore. I am assured that Pauly was not, at the moment at least, weezing the juice, bud-dy. #ComicCon
Thu Jul 22 2010 12:30:28 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Sometimes I just really miss Mac & Cheese.
Fri Jul 23 2010 18:04:11 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

ZebraBelly is wearing my new True Blood shirt from Comic Con. How do I explain “VILF” to an 8 year old?
Sat Jul 24 2010 19:10:57 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

ZebraBelly would like to thank my son. Without him, this sore throat would not be possible.
Sun Jul 25 2010 14:02:48 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

ZebraBelly is licking salt off a lemon. You know. For the sore throat.
Sun Jul 25 2010 19:42:10 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Oh so that WAS an earthquake I felt today.
Sun Jul 25 2010 22:09:51 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

ZebraBelly really dislikes Movie-Dumbledore.
Mon Jul 26 2010 14:49:49 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

Margie’s joke: Which fish is most and least valuable? Goldfish! Because no one would think they are worth much, but they are GOLD!
Wed Jul 28 2010 12:51:41 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

Elliott’s joke: What color is the fish? (Shouted in a restaurant for emphasis) POOP!
Wed Jul 28 2010 12:52:54 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

My kids were super cute and fun yesterday. But today I’m selling them.
Thu Jul 29 2010 09:20:58 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

ZebraBelly just saw Eclipse. WTF with the armadillo engagement ring? Among other questions.
Thu Jul 29 2010 21:37:07 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for iPhone

ZebraBelly smells pumpkin pie. You’re welcome, Harry Potter.
Fri Jul 30 2010 11:42:06 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Last night I dreamed I was hanging out with Harrison Ford and the kids were all playing video games in the other room.
Fri Jul 30 2010 12:39:30 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending.”
Sat Jul 31 2010 08:35:53 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web

Happy Birthday, Harry!

1 08 2010

thirty years old!

We decided to schedule this month’s Knitting in Menifee event to fall on Harry Potter’s birthday. Because we are fantastically geeky. This year happens to be Harry’s 30th, of course, and Maggie just happened to have some decorations left over from her own 30th last year so she hung them around the house.

pumpkin pasties

butter beer?

I made pumpkin pasties and brought ginger butter beer. Maggie shared some chocolate chip cookies she’d made. Summer brought gluten-free cauldron cakes (I never expect people to bring gluten free treats, but when they do, they win my heart forever!) which have several stories of their own, and which were incredibly delicious.

cauldron cakes

Maggie not only decorated the house, but she also dressed in Hufflepuff colors. I didn’t even think to wear my Muggle shirt, or my time-turner!


Nina the kitty came out and joined us and looked at us like we were crazy (as cats are wont to do). We had a really great day, knitting (and showing off our knits), eating (at the Beer Hunter! lolz), and laughing (mostly about Maggie’s pants or lack thereof).

I’m not really sure how to end this entry eloquently, so I’ll just show you some cookies, yeah? Excellent.

chocolate chip cookies on a party plate

Happy birthday, Harry!