A Day at the River

24 07 2010

(I hope this doesn’t mean I have to go to the ocean next, it’s cold and sandy and host to an unusual number of stingrays and jelly fish lately.)

While The Husband was away at Comic Con for 600 days in a row (well, that’s how it feels, anyway), and since I’d just spent $500 on a new radiator, I decided to take advantage of my newly safe car and take the kids into the mountains for a picnic and a hike. It has been at least nine years and two massive fires since I visited Green Valley in Cuyamaca, but it was just as beautiful as always. Because I am me, and because Me is generally unprepared in some really important way, I did not think to bring the kids’ bathing suits. So I left with two very wet and muddy – but happy! – children. We saw dead trees, manzanita (both living and dead), water skippers (only alive, thankfully), and the usual other local plants and animals. The day was warm, the water was deliciously icy (cold is fine with me when the weather is hot and only my feet have to be wet), and I felt emotionally refilled after a difficult week. We are considering going back in a couple of days.

picnic lunch


flowers above a sparkling river