A Day at the Lake

12 07 2010

For years we have wanted to begin camping and recently we have been working to make that happen. Gathering supplies at thrift stores, garage sales and the odd thing at Target, we’re just about ready. This weekend we were supposed to join Melissa and Chad for our first weekend out, but Margie’s got a head cold and, while she’s not suffering for it in the energy department, I didn’t want her sleeping out in the cold until she was better. So we decided to go and just practice camping instead, setting up the tent to make sure it had all it’s parts (it sort of doesn’t, actually) and enjoying a nice day outside.

Melissa suggested Santee Lakes which is a little more manicured than the camp grounds we are likely to stay at often, but it was a fabulous place to spend the day. We spent a grand total of $20 for entry ($5), a chance to ride a pedal boat ($11), and the sprayground ($2 each kid). We set up the tent, fed some ducks, played ladderball (a.k.a. “The Testicle Game”), sat under an oak tree (where Margie picked a handful of baby acorns before I realized what she was doing), and grilled hot dogs and corn. The kids played on a playground, got creative with sticks, and ran up and down hills. It was a long day, but hardly exhausting at all since we got to relax so much. I can’t wait until we get to go back.

in the tent

the menfolk