Cake Wrecks World Tour, Final Stop

27 06 2010

As soon as I heard that Jen & John from were coming here for a book signing, I decided I would go. Actually, last time they went on a book tour, I decided I’d go anytime they were within a couple hours of me and I got lucky and only had to travel to La Jolla. So I picked up my Frister, we stopped for gourmet chocolate, which required entirely more mall-walking that was necessary so we called it a hike just to make it sound prettier, and then we went hunting for this signing.

It wasn’t your average signing. I mean, I heard Cake Wrecks signings aren’t, but this was epecially wasn’t since it wasn’t, you know, in a book store. It was in the middle of an art festival for some reason and cost $10 to enter. So we found the spot, followed a strange maze of signs leading us to parking and hopped on a strategically-placed free shuttle which was extremely air-conditioned (not that I am ARGUING). The shuttle population consisted of my Frister and I, and one other girl who looked to be under 60 years old. The rest of the people were clearly not there for Cake Wrecks, as evidenced by the fact that when Summer shouted, “Look! Cakes!!” because she had spotted the baker bringing the cake into the festival, the nice grandmotherly woman in front of us turned around and asked if we’d missed our lunch.

So we paid our admission and wandered over to the Warwick’s Pavillion about an hour ahead of schedule where some authors of a cook book were giving a demonstration of, I don’t actually know, but I am pretty sure it was edible. We bought copies of the book and stood in the shade and snarked over foodie authors who just happened to be talking about cuitlacoche which, of course, I read about on The Sneeze! it’s been a couple of years, but one does not easily forget about infected corn. These authors even went so far as to say there is a place in MY TOWN which serves this. Or maybe they were talking about lamb. Either way, I should have asked which place so I can know to avoid it.

Then the foodies were done and their audience began to make to leave, Summer and I stalked the front row, prepared to shove people out of our way if need be, and we were rewarded with PERFECT SEATING. Yay! We settled ourselves in and were flipping through our new books when a guy wearing a fancy badge and a Threadless t-shirt sat down next to us and said hello. And he turned out to be John himself! Apparently, when he introduced himself Summer offered up her name, but all I could get out was some sort of squeaky intake of breath that cannot be spelled in our language (maybe in mermaid, though). I think he said some other stuff that was probably words, and I know in the end he invited us to go over and say hello to Jen who was hanging out with the big, fancy cake nearby. So then we had to decide: save our seats or go meet an internet celebrity?? We decided to go with: leave our stuff on our seats as territorial markers and be prepared to beat up anyone who didn’t take the hint. Luckily, there was no need for violence. We went over to say hello, and Jen sort of offended my Frister by assuming she wasn’t wanted in the photo Summer was taking of the cake. And then everyone stopped talking to us and it was Kind of Awkward so we went back to our seats, pretty sure we’d made an excellent impression and that Jen and John wanted to be our new BFFs. (John even ASKED US WHEN HE SHOULD BEGIN. True story. They totally relied on us for ADVICE n shit.)

The presentation was funny as hell, and then we voted by clapping for the best Wreckplica (which is very hard to say out loud – don’t try it at home) and then we stood in some sort of chaotic and weird line for book signings and cake and JEN TOOK A PHOTO WITH US.

By that point, I think the festivities were pretty much over (I hope?) so we decided to wander away. On the way to look for some very cool sidewalk chalk art, we saw, um, this.

Me: I’m pretty sure I need this in my living room.
Summer: I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I need a picture of it!
Me: You want me to pose with it?
Summer: Yes!

(FTR, I did not buy it to put in my living room. That was snark.)

Anyway, it was a great day. From the grandmas to the celebrities to the butt-art. Best book-signing EVAH.

PS. I totally stole those photos from Summer’s Flickr stream.