7 Days: Day 7 (Me And My Silly Boy)

25 06 2010

7 Days: Day 7 (Me and my silly boy)

My daughter is going to be so mad she wasn’t included. I had wanted to include her, actually, b/c I have a blog post about her waiting to be written, but this is how it happened, I guess.

Friday afternoons are spent knitting in the park. And it’s one of my favorite parks in San Diego, so full of pine trees the scent sends me right to Santa Cruz or Yosemite. Peaceful. Also, it’s full of bunnies. And today we saw two crows attacking a hawk mid-air which was pretty cool.

Anyway, sometime this past year, I bought myself a camping chair for park days. My scoliosis makes ground-sitting not very comfortable and I have a sun allergy (seriously, I get all the stupid physical problems) so I got one with a shade to cover me. Today the tree provided all the shade I needed so I put it down and somehow my son wiggled in between it and the back of the chair so it sort of looks like I’m wearing him in a Kelty backpack. I made him pose for a picture as punishment. 😉

Currently I am working on knitting some very tiny hats for a friend’s preemie who maybe came home today (much earlier than expected!) but I haven’t heard official word yet.