7 Days: Day 5 (Cold)

23 06 2010

7 Days: Day 5 (Cold)

This is how much I love you all: I went to Costco when I didn’t need to JUST to play in the refrigerated room (a room I generally do not enter otherwise). You all owe me cookies.

This is supposed to be my “FRICK it’s cold” face, but it could just as easily be my “FRICK these kids are insane in public – whose kids are they anyway?” face.


So today I did another project along with 7 Days – I took photos of my day. Which is very slightly more interesting than it sounds. If that sort of thing floats your boat clicky here for the set.




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7 07 2010

I always have to put on an extra layer to go to the supermarket – damn those open fridges! You’d have thought the cold would have calmed the crazy, but clearly not.

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