17 06 2010

This week our friends were in town on vacation so we made a date to meet at a local sprinkler playground with them and our mutual friend, Sandy. It’s been a couple of years since Sara and her family have been here so the kids weren’t too familiar, but it didn’t take them long to become fast friends. We spent several hours there, the kids running in the sprinklers, off to the playground, back to us for snacks, and then repeating the cycle. After the sprayground, we all hit Trader Joe’s, naturally. This was particularly exciting for our Utah friends since they don’t have such luxuries in their state. While driving from one place to the other, Margie asked me, “Is their last name really Skywalker?” I could not stop giggling. When I relayed this to Sara and Jay, their oldest daughter brought her hands to her mouth and confessed, “I was just kidding!” Sweet kid. I told her that, frankly, I thought it was awesome. Sandy and her two younger kids didn’t get to stay as long which was sad, but at least they live in the county so maybe we can make it up soon.



happy kids