I Made This!

13 06 2010

best gluten-free cupcakes ever

I have never, ever, made cake or cupcakes from scratch. Ever. This week I decided to give it a go to share some with a friend for her birthday. I perused the Gluten-Free Goddess’ website to find something that stood out to me and I just happened to have all the ingredients for this summery treat. They came out lovely – a bit firmer than your usual gluteny cake, but they didn’t sink into a dense brownie-like dessert like so many GF recipes I’ve tried. I had a hard time with the frosting, though, and it sort of separated into something that tasted lovelier than it looked.

I happily sent the extra cupcakes home with my friend, but I could not stop thinking about them. As it so happened, I had a hot date the day after to go knit in Menifee with Maggie & Summer, one of whom just celebrated a birthday herself. I decided that if my CSA box that night came with oranges in it, I’d go ahead and whip up another batch. And guess what? The Universe clearly wanted me to make more cupcakes! This time the frosting came out picture perfect as well, and since I had some extra orange zest, I tossed it on top all fancy-like.

best gluten free cupcakes ever

The cupcakes seemed well-loved by gluten folks as well as my own family (except my son who doesn’t do cake, period). The flavor was light and cakey, the frosting was perfect. The recipe overall was really easy.



(I took a photo of the first cupcakes being enjoyed as well, but I wasn’t happy with the photo so didn’t upload it to Flickr.)

The Gluten Free Goddess has a recipe for peach cake which has me praying that The Universe will see fit to send me lots of good peaches in my next CSA box.