The Flowers I’ve Eaten This Week

27 05 2010

Last week while the kids and I were touring the farm where we went to pick strawberries, we got to sample some of the other crops along the way. The farmer encouraged us to taste the flowers from each plant and I was really surprised at the fact that they tasted exactly like their leaves.

wild arugula

It was such an odd sensation, this delicate white flower that had the punch of peppery arugula behind it. We also tasted cilantro flowers which come in their own miniature bouquets, again, tasting exactly like the leaves I eat so often.


This week, I was at a friend’s house and she offered me some chives from her garden to take home and who am I to say no to free chives? They had spicy purple bunches at the tops of some stalks and when I was making some avocado dip this week, I decided to throw the flowers in on top. I’ve always thought chives look pretty on their own, but when they are purple flowers, they look way prettier.

avocado dip with chive flowers

From now on, I’ll eat all my greens in flower form just like a fancy princess. FYI.




3 responses

28 05 2010
bethany actually

Makes perfect sense to me.

28 05 2010

We have no less than 7 palatable edible weeds (and their flowers) in our backyard. We put them in with the herb flowers and call it salad. From now on I’m going to call it Princess Salad.

28 05 2010

I would never have thought to try them!

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