18 05 2010

Last week Threadless announced this cool shirt and I bought it that instant. It arrived Friday night, just in time for me to wear on my son’s birthday – to his party and out to dinner afterward. Apparently, he was too busy thinking about Legos all day to notice because this morning when I put it on again we had this conversation:

E: Mommy! When did you buy that shirt from the computer?!
Me: Last week, silly. Don’t you remember I wore it on your birthday?
E: *thinks* No, Mommy. You must have had your back turned to me.




4 responses

18 05 2010
bethany actually

Haha, I love that Elliot perceives that you bought the shirt “from the computer.”

19 05 2010

I’ve never watched Lost, so I don’t know what all the pictures represent. I’m hoping, though, that there was indeed a guitar-playing rabbit, who befriended a penguin and that together they toured the island in a camper van, giving concerts to spiders in wheelchairs.

19 05 2010
Chris Radcliff

Sarah, you pretty much summed up the last few seasons of Lost. Or near enough as to make no difference.

(In the interest of disclosure: I just purchased the latest episode in HD from iTunes, and I regularly read Lostpedia.)

Also: It’s an awesome shirt.

22 05 2010

Is he too young to comment that he sounds just like a man?

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